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What is Google Meet, and how to use Google Meet?

If you want to meet your clients at home, the Google Meet app is a beneficial application. Nowadays, students and teachers use this application to study at home. This is a video conferencing platform created by Google.

If you want to know more about Google Meet, today’s article will help you a lot. Because today we will give you detailed information about what Google Mitt is and how to use it. If you are also interested in Google Mitt, you can start reading this article.

What is Google Meet?
Google is a video conferencing platform. You can discuss any topic in conferencing through a one-hour video call with a maximum of 100 people. This application is professionally created for meetings of any company or organization or home and college students. Google made this application for communication with video.

Any user can use Google meet just by logging in with a Gmail account. Here’s how to create a Gmail ID.

How to create an ID in Google meet:
If you have a Gmail ID, you can use this ID by signing in to the Google Meet application.

And if you are a G-suite user, you can access this application directly through G-suite.

Benefits of Google Meet:
With this application, you can attend any meeting of any company or organization sitting at home.

If the company owner needs an emergency meeting, he can also meet with his staff from abroad.

Moreover, if you are a student, you can use this application.

How to download Google meet app:
To download Google Meet, go to the Play Store on your mobile and search by typing Google Meet. Then find the Google Mate application from there, click on the Install option. Immediately after that, the application will be downloaded and installed on your mobile.

If you are using a computer or laptop, you can download the application from this link

Rules for using Google Meet – How to use Google Meet:
To use Google Maps, first, open the application.

Then you will have two options.

You can start a new meeting.

Join with a Code: You can join a meeting with the help of an invitation code.

How to start a new meeting:
After clicking on the New Meeting option, you will see these options. You can start a new meeting with the ‘Get a Meeting link to share’ option before you start a meeting to inform your worker or friends about the meeting. This means that you need to use this link to join a specific meeting.

If you want to start a meeting now, the Start an instant meeting option will come in handy.

This interface will appear in front of you after starting the instant meeting. As you can see, you can easily control your meeting.

And after the meeting starts, you can call a person through the ‘Share invite’ option to allow them to join your meeting.

If you want to start a meeting on a specific day, you can let your clients or students know in advance through the Schedule in Google Calendar option.

How to join a meeting?
After clicking on the Join with a Code option, you can participate if you enter the invitation code of a meeting here.

Google meet which country’s application?
This is an application from America, made by Google, the largest company in the world.

Why use Google meet?
Google since Google’s product. So its features and features are more than all other meeting applications. So you can use Google Meet to start or join a meeting. Below are some of its features-

* Can discuss up to 100 people together in specific meetings.
* Supports it on any device. Whether it is Android or laptop, or iPhone.
* You can see the preview before going to any meeting.
* You can share your screen with other members.
* You can easily share text messages, links, documents with others.
* If the participant’s use is bad, you can remove and mute him from the meeting.

Hopefully, you understand what Google Meet is and how to do video calling using Google Meet from this information above. If you still have any questions about this article, you can let us know in the comments.

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