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New surprise in WhatsApp, an auto message will go if the call is not received.

WhatsApp company is adding new features one after another keeping customers in mind. It was recently announced that customers can use WhatsApp from four devices simultaneously. Now one more advantage is added.

Many people choose WhatsApp as a medium of communication to make video calls. Many people use WhatsApp only to make ‘audio calls’. However, it may not always be possible to reach the phone.

If you have been calling on WhatsApp for so long, the problem can only be solved by pressing the ‘decline’ option not to pick up that phone. Later, some would go to the chatbox and send messages to that person as they wish. He used to tell the reasons for the engagement separately.

Some may not even be able to figure out when to send a message in a hurry. However, this time WhatsApp will send a special message when someone hangs up. WhatsApp company has surprised customers by adding such new features. But to whom will this particular message go? What will be written there? Is there any danger as a result? All those questions have been answered by the organization.

As soon as you hang up on WhatsApp, the special message will reach the person on the other end of the phone. The message will reach the WhatsApp chatbox of the person who is waiting to talk to you. As a result, there will not be any inconvenience, but the company has made this addition thinking about the convenience of the customers. Earlier, WhatsApp only had ‘Answer’ and ‘Decline’ options to pick up or hang up on incoming calls. These two options will still be present. A new option will be added to it, which is named ‘Reply’. When a call comes to WhatsApp users, if they miss the call at that time, they can choose the ‘Reply’ option.

Immediately some messages will appear on the phone screen. There will be written various reasons for not picking up the call. Like ‘I’m busy now, I’ll call you later’, ‘I’m in a meeting now’ – these types of messages will pop up on the screen.

By selecting the message you like and pressing it, that message can be delivered. You can also save the message as your own with the ‘reply’ option. As a result, the customer does not have to go to the chatbox to send messages separately. Messages can be sent directly from the ‘Reply’ option.

The company said that Android users could get this benefit. However, so far only those who are using the ‘beta version’ of WhatsApp can get this benefit.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called ‘Companion Mode’. Through which you can log into WhatsApp from four places at once. From texting to video calls—everything can be done from four devices.

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