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Hundreds of drones were flown to create works of art.

Amsterdam’s ‘Studio Drift’ creates works of art by flying hundreds of drones in the dark sky Their main two men were Loneke Gordine and Ralph Nautter They create such works of art with the help of artificial intelligence.

Studio Drift’s work has been globally acclaimed Their office is in Amsterdam 15 other people work with Gordine and Naota.

The artworks created by Studio Drift prove that high-tech can be beautiful and poetic.

“I think AI is replacing artists,” said Ralph Naota But I don’t think it’s bad, because, in my opinion, a good artist should create new ideas about the future.

In 2022, Studio Drift created the artwork for the fifth anniversary of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. More than three hundred drones flew through the night sky.

The light installation was inspired by the space and the architecture of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall.

But unfortunately, 15 drones fell during the rehearsal It is not known whether this was due to external influences or technical problems Five drones also fell during the main event Later shows were canceled due to security reasons Everyone associated with the show was disappointed.

Studio Drift is now working on ‘Google Quantum AI’ They aim to visualize how quantum computers work Quantum computers can work several million times faster than ordinary computers Because of such speed, it continues the calculations together, not one after the other Much like plants, where growth and photosynthesis occur at the same time.

AI has no limits, Naota said, which is a cause for fear We can’t imagine what AI could become There is no control Zero It is a form of evolution, it is like a form of afterlife, which we cannot imagine As an ape cannot imagine our skill, nor understand what we can be; So it is with us and AI.

Google Quantum AI is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California The work of making quantum computers is going on in this office surrounded by high security The processing power and speed of these computers will play an important role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence Right now this computer can solve problems that would take an ordinary computer 150,000 years.

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