The facility of logging in to the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones has come.

From now on, the same WhatsApp account can be used simultaneously on four phones, making it much easier to stay connected using the same account.

This popular messaging app has recently rolled out a new feature that will improve its multi-device support. This will make communicating with friends and family much easier.

WhatsApp’s official Twitter account and blog informed that from now on, the same WhatsApp account can be linked to four phones. These messages will automatically sync and remain encrypted, even when the phone goes offline. This means that if your iPhone or Android hangs up in the middle of a conversation, you can continue the conversation from the other device.

But this is a huge change for WhatsApp. For so long, the biggest obstacle of WhatsApp was not being able to use the same account on multiple phones. Earlier WhatsApp had multi-device support but to use it both devices had to be connected to the internet and online for this rule to work properly. But thanks to this new feature, even if the device is offline, the chat can be continued on another device using the same account.

The reason for this feature of WhatsApp is that WhatsApp does not operate on a password-based account system. Instead, you have to log in to the WhatsApp account using the phone number, as a result, a number remains associated with only one WhatsApp account. As a result, there was a problem logging into the same account on two phones at the same time.

But there is no way to ignore this new feature called Companion Mode. Rumors of this feature being added to WhatsApp have been heard for a long time. However, the process of linking the account with the device must be followed. But the good thing is that from now on the same WhatsApp account can be used on another phone or PC without the primary phone/device being online. The facility can be accessed from the Linked Devices option by going to WhatsApp settings. To know how to use it, see our post: Rules for using the same WhatsApp number on multiple phones.

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