Nvidia adds AI technology to mid-range gaming chips.

The supply of this new chip named ‘RTX 4070’ will start from Thursday. It will cost five hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Chip giant Nvidia has announced the launch of a new mid-range gaming chip package to introduce more artificial intelligence-based features for gamers.

Wednesday’s announcement signaled the company’s focus on gaming despite slowing revenue in the sector, Reuters reported.

The supply of this new chip named ‘RTX 4070’ will start from Thursday. It will be priced at $599, a mid-range chip in the company’s ‘Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)’ category. Its maximum chip price can reach up to thousand six hundred dollars.

According to survey data from the gaming platform ‘Steam’, the previous version of this chip ‘RTX 3060’ is the fourth most popular gaming chip in the market.

Training artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT on Nvidia’s data center chips has helped boost the company’s bottom line. And while gaming chips accounted for a third of the company’s overall revenue ($26.9 billion) in the fiscal year 2023, revenue from gaming fell 27 percent. The report cited Reuters as a possible reason for the decrease in the revenue of this sector in the overall PC market.

Various Nvidia chips help render PC video game images faster on high-resolution screens. And the games also look relatively realistic. The ‘4070’ class of chips will be the most affordable chips on the market using Nvidia’s latest AI technology.

Instead of calculating precisely what each pixel on a screen should be, new Nvidia gaming chips use AI to estimate what seven out of every eight pixels should be, including creating an entire frame, Reuters reported.

“Games are not like movies, where everything is pre-recorded. It is dynamic, moving, and has user input.” — said Justin Walker, senior director of Nvidia’s GeForce product division, in an interview.

“I can’t fit an extra frame between two frames at will. I need to understand the motion between frames.”

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