Mistakes to avoid while installing apps.

From social media to photo editing or OTT apps are kept on smartphones. Apps are second to none to make various tasks easier. When you need to download mobile applications from Google Play Store or App Store.

But you are not bringing danger by downloading one app after another! While downloading an app on the phone, you are giving that app some special information, for which there can be a great danger.

If you know some tricks, you can avoid these dangers very easily. Let’s take a look at the mistakes to avoid while installing apps-

> Be careful about what permissions you grant while installing apps. While installing an app on the phone there are many types of permissions asked. This means you are giving that app access to everything on your phone. So check carefully before selecting anything.

> Sometimes the phone has multiple apps for one task. Choose shopping, hotel booking, and social media apps as per your needs. Using multiple apps overloads the phone, causing the phone to become very slow at times.

> Turn off phone activity tracking. Many users don’t know about this. If you notice, you may be searching for something in an app. Later on, that content is showing ads or suggesting content in your other apps as well. This is called activity tracking. This increases the battery consumption of the phone. Not only this, these ads also degrade the performance of the phone. So turn off the activity tracking by going to the app’s settings.

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