Bird AI is coming to Android.

Tech giant Google is bringing Bird AI technology to the Android operating system. It is known that this facility will be brought to its own Pixel series phones first.

According to the report of the technology website NinetwoFive Google, if someone wants to use Google Bird on Android now, he has to go to the web browser. But Google’s new plan will add a Bird widget to the Android home screen. As a result, Android users can use Bird AI technology more easily.

Meanwhile, from now on Google Workspace account will be available with the Bird facility. According to a technology website NineTwoFive Google report, AI is typically used more frequently in workspace accounts. Microsoft has added an AI-based digital assistant to the applications of ‘Microsoft 365’. To keep up with the competition, Google has also brought Bird’s advantage to Workspace.

From now on, the Bird chatbot will also help users write code and develop software. The chatbot will let the user write code in 20 programming languages. According to a report by tech website Android Police, Google said Bird AI will support more than 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript. However, Google has not published the list of all programming languages.

Google cautions that Bird is still in its infancy. Like the other answers, its code may not work or give the user the expected result. The tech giant also advised checking the code at least twice before using it to avoid errors and vulnerabilities.

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