The facility to log in to a Google account without a password came.

Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, has been using the strong Google password system for the security of all its online services since the beginning. However, due to various security risks in passwords, they added several more login options gradually. Two-factor authentication with a password has been made mandatory for Google accounts to provide additional security a few days ago. However, until now the password was the main means to login to the Google account. But that’s about to change soon.

Given World Password Day on May 5, Google has announced support for a new login system called Passkey. In this system, you can log in to any Google account without a password using the authentication method of your mobile or any other device. Google has created an organization called Fido Alliance together with two other big technology companies, Microsoft and Apple. The main goal of this organization is to introduce alternative security measures to passwords for the security of online accounts.

All major technology companies have agreed to introduce Passkey, a password alternative, this year. In continuation of that, Google launched the first password-free login service. From now on, this passkey can be activated very easily from the ‘Manage Account’ option of the Google account. After successful activation of PassKey, you can easily log in every time you log in to any device using the authentication method initially on your smartphone.

For this, a separate prompt will appear on your smartphone during login. After that, if you use any authentication method of the smartphone, you can immediately log in to the Google account. Later, you can add or remove any smartphone device authentication method as a passkey from the account settings.

This passkey service will work on any operating system device. That is, you can log in to your Google account with your iPhone using Passkey. Through the Passkey feature, Google will store your biometric or other authentication information on your device. Their server will also have its confirmation mechanism. It will be fully encrypted and secure. As this data will be stored using a cryptographic method it will not be possible to steal it. Your authentication data will continue to be synced with your Google account using regular Internet access. As a result, you will never have to worry about login again.

Google said that this passkey will be more secure than the password. Everyone has many online accounts, so many passwords have to be remembered for each account. In addition, most people use familiar words as passwords for ease of remembering. So there is a risk of passwords being stolen or guessed.

There are various password managers to manage these passwords. Google has the Google Password Manager that comes with the Google Chrome browser. All Internet-enabled devices, including Apple’s iPhones and MacBooks, have built-in password managers. However, many people forget their passwords. All passwords are also likely to be leaked to hackers through phishing or malware.

Google hopes that Passkey will solve all these problems. Because in this system, all your login information will be encrypted on your device and Google servers. As a result, it will not be possible for hackers to steal them using phishing sites or malware. Apart from this, you will also get relief from the problem of forgetting the password. Because there is no risk of remembering anything in this system. Google will let you log in every time using your biometric data.

Although Google has already introduced this system, it is expected that other online services will soon start using this Fido passkey system. It can be said that Passkey is going to become an alternative to passwords this year. So if you have a Google account you can start using Passkey today. This passkey login can be used in all Google services from now on.

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