Apps that steal phone data without your knowledge.

Smartphones have various security apps from social media to call recording, banking, and photo editing to make daily life easier. But this app can become a danger for you.

Cybercriminals are using various methods to collect people’s personal information. Now they are taking a lot of secret information by injecting viruses into play store apps. Experts have recently identified 19 smartphone apps. which are stealing user information.

Cybercriminals are installing malware programs like Trojan, Adware, Spyware, Killgar, etc. on Play Store apps, which steal phone data. According to a report by Malware Fox, Android smartphones have become a prime target for cybercriminals over the past decade. Because it is an open-source program and can be modified easily.

Therefore, experts advise removing these apps quickly if one has them on the phone. Google Play Store has removed many such applications. Know the names of some apps that are stealing your personal information without your knowledge-

1. Fair GameHub and Box
2. Hope Camera-Picture Record
3. Same launcher and live wallpaper
4. Amazing Wallpaper
5. Cool emoji editor and stickers
6. Simple note scanner
7. Universal PDF Scanner
8. Private Messenger
9. Premium SMS
10. Blood pressure checker
11. Cool keyboard
12. Paint art
13. Color message
14. Vlog Star Video Editor
15. Creative 3D Launcher
16. Wow Beauty Camera
17. GIF Emoji Keyboard
18. Instant heart rate anytime
19 Delicate Messenger

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