Do’s and Don’ts to Start an online business.

How business profits digitally or why a business loses even when it comes online. This entire content written from experience will be very helpful in increasing the sales of your business.

1. In-demand product selection:
The biggest decision before getting into business is to always select a product that is in demand. Given our product selection, most people would probably select organic food, clothing, home decor items, baby items, etc. But have we ever thought about the competition for these products?

You may counter the question, so and so brother is profiting a lot of money by doing this kind of business. Yes, maybe it does. But in this type of business, the number of sellers is not less than the number of buyers. But you know the condition of the rest of the market without such a brother?

What happens if you do business with common products?

– As competition is high, profit margins are low.

– As there are many buyers, the customer gets a lot of options instead of just one.

– People get tired of seeing similar product posts, resulting in less engagement even with good posts.

– Customer keeps knowledge about the product due to regular use, so can quickly compare quality or price with other shops.

Bagha Bagha digital marketer will not work if your product selection is bad!

2. Focus on design and content:
If the design and content are not attractive, people will quickly scroll away. Don’t neglect your product. You may say, ‘My product is the best’, but before using your product, how will the customer understand whether it is the best? So, there is no alternative to content marketing when it comes to capturing the attention of first-time customers.

A person is scrolling through social media. He doesn’t know what he likes. He doesn’t know where to stop. Bro, stop it. If you can stop him even for 30 seconds/1 per minute that’s a lot. If your content isn’t interesting, the audience will keep scrolling.

Creating good content costs something. Doing business requires investment. Apart from that, if the content is not good, the ad cost will increase. Facebook will reduce the reach of ads.

What does good content mean?

– Vibrant social media presence

– Meaningful pictures/videos

– Clear product photography

– Clear product details

– Highlight features and benefits in the product description

– Easy ordering process

Knowing Basic Digital Marketing:
If you want to start an online business, you must know at least basic digital marketing. You have to know who can be the target customer of the product. How can these target customers be found?

Without basic knowledge many more problems. If you don’t know the ads policy of Facebook, your ad account may be disabled and your ID may become permanently invalid for posting ads on Facebook. You need to know very well which products can be advertised and which cannot.

What do you mean by basic knowledge or how much to know?

• Must know how to use social media properly.

• Learn to generate good content ideas.

• Media buying (running different types of ads) should be learned to some extent. At least learn how to run (boost) Facebook ads.

• Need to know how to do YouTube video SEO.

• Know how to create a WordPress website and publish products/blogs there.

• Know the uses and benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) even if you don’t know it.

A little bit about branding:
Many things can be said when it comes to defining a brand. Simply put, brand means in a word to imprint the name of your product/service/organization in people’s minds. If we take a look around, we often refer to motorcycles as “Hondas”. For example, if someone rides a Bajaj or TVS motorcycle, we say “Honda ni kai jars” but that is the brand. In many cases, we call fixed price “butter price” engine well as “mobile” that is the brand.

No matter how good your shoe store is, if you have one next to Bata, people will go to Bata more. Because they are brands. People don’t buy products in many cases, they buy brands. Your product is not inferior to the brand, but the customer will be more inclined toward the brand.

Now the question may come, bro, I am going into an online business with 1/2 lakh taka, but you say to make a brand? Is it so cheap?

No bro, the brand is not cheap at all. In the above words, I did not ask you to make a global or national brand. Build relationships with your target customers on social media. Be it a small or very small audience. Build trust in their minds that your product quality is really good. The amount of money they are buying the product is actually “Value for Money” which means that the customer will buy your product and keep himself in a “win-win” mode. A Facebook group will work very well in this case.

I have seen some pages on Facebook that go live with their dresses and the product goes out of stock during the life. It means that all the products are sold out in a short time. It’s their branding. Be it with their small audience.

Presence in various digital media:
Open a Facebook page today and it will be sold tomorrow, but it is difficult. Not only should you open a Facebook page, but you should also open pages on other social media where you have a potential audience. You need to open a social media page and post at least something.

Not all cells are posted. Also, engaging posts (keeping the audience on the page) should be done regularly. Posts that the audience voluntarily likes, comments, or shares. It’s a funny post sometimes, no harm done.

Your page should have enough likes/followers. Many audiences don’t have the confidence to buy without seeing enough likes/followers on the page. So first, you should focus on increasing likes on the page. In that case, there is no harm in some paid likes (by running an ad on Facebook).

Content of others may not be copied:
Once a gentleman bought one of my courses from an “e-learning platform”. Then one day he posted in the support group that his page was getting restricted again and again. It means that Facebook is restricting. I checked the page and saw that all the pictures were copied from Alibaba. I replied that if you copy the content of others, the page will be restricted. In reply, he said, many people copied only my page, so why was it restricted? I said Facebook is not a human or a robot when Facebook grabbed that page. Some are caught two days before, some are caught two days later. You will be caught if you violate copyright.

That means many of us may consider it our right to copy others’ content (images/videos/text). I copy the posts/pictures of Deda’s other pages and copy them to my page. And I sit hoping for a sale. How do you catch a clumsy job?

At various times Facebook conducts combing operations and restricts Pages/Ad accounts/IDs en masse. I’ve seen in my own experience that a big reason for this is copying other people’s content or faking Facebook payments.

Finally, doing something overnight is not an online business. Whether you are running an online business or not, you need to know about product, marketing, or content c, reaction. In most cases, the result of jumping down without knowing anything is a ‘loss project’.

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