Opportunity to learn Python programming for free at the world-famous Stanford University.

Stanford, the world’s best university, has opened half of its popular computer programming courses online, taught by Stanford professors. Through this online course called ‘Code in Place’, students from any part of the world can participate in this programming language learning course. Code in Place is a joint effort of this university’s Pitch Lab and Stanford University. Two Stanford computer science professors, Chris Peach, and Mehran Sahami, are the initiators of the project.

After a one-year shutdown due to Corona, this world-renowned university has restarted its online computer programming learning course. This six-week online course has several phases. There are multiple video classes on one subject per week. Six weeks of content include—Control Flow with Corel, The Art of Coding, Console Programming, Understanding Variables, Graphics, and Lists and Dictionaries. Its video classes can be viewed on your own time. But have to attend online classes with a ‘Section Lead’ or Mentor every week. It is held according to section lead time. Apart from practicals during the course, three assignmentsmusto be completed within the stipulated time. At the end of the course, each participant has to complete a project of their own. The entire course is conducted through the Python programming language.

This course must be completed within six weeks. In addition to multiple video classes per week, there is an opportunity to review online under the supervision of a mentor. Sometimes Stanford students also serve as mentors for these online review courses.

Talking about learning Python programming through Code in Place course, the General Secretary of Open Source Network said, by doing this course, he became proficient in programming and won medals at the international level. Generally, students of the country start a particular course to improve their skills but cannot complete it due to various surrounding reasons. But since this course has to be completed within a fixed time frame and there is an opportunity to speak directly with the section leader, students can complete the course within a fixed routine. And there will be no cost for this course.

Earlier in the academic year 2021, a total of 22,000 students took up Python programming through this course. They were mentored by 2000 section leaders. Apart from being a student, there is also an opportunity to join the program as a teacher or mentor. Retired teachers, working as programmers, and university students who are learning computer programming, or who have previously been students of Code in Place, can also apply to be a section lead in this project. Section leads need to have skills in lists and dictionaries of Python programming. Section Leaders, if selected, will be trained in the ‘Art of Computer Science Teaching’.

To participate in this online course as a student or section leader, one has to visit the website https://codeinplace.stanford.edu and apply in the prescribed form. Students of this course or section leaders can apply to participate in this online course. Professor Chris Pitch, one of the initiators of the project, congratulated all the students, section leads, and curriculum makers who participated in the course. Along with that, he called upon those whoweree interested to participate in the current batch.

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