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Learn how to test internet speed!

Today everyone uses the internet. And online, the Internet is needed to do a variety of activities. This is why we sometimes need to test the internet speed to do the right thing through the internet.

If you do not test the internet speed, go to do something special online, then for some reason, your work may get stuck due to lack of internet speed.

However, many people do not know how to test the speed of the Internet. For this, in today’s article, we will learn about how to test internet speed.

If you also want to know the speed of the internet on your device, keep reading today’s article.

What is internet speed?
The speed that we get to use the internet while running the internet is the internet speed.

How fast the internet is running on a particular device can be measured by measuring the internet speed.

Also, when working on the Internet, the Internet’s downloading speed and uploading speed are known from the Internet speed.

What is downloading speed?
The speed that is available when downloading something from the internet is the download speed.

Suppose you are downloading a song or game from the internet. The speed you get at that moment will be the downloading speed.

What is uploading speed?
The speed that is available when uploading something online is the uploading speed.

We often upload pictures on Facebook or with status on WhatsApp. When shooting these things, the speed we get from the internet will be the uploading speed.

Ways to test internet speed:
There are many types of websites to test internet speed. You can easily test the internet speed of your device by visiting all those websites.

There are also a variety of applications in the Playstore. You can test the internet speed through all those applications.

How to do an internet speed test?
I will name two popular websites here to test internet speed. Websites that allow you to measure internet speed easily. These are:


So let’s find out how to test internet speed from these two websites.
If you open any web browser and enter this website, such a dashboard will open.

And there, you will see an option called ‘Go’ along with which server and which company’s SIM you are using.

Just clicking on the Go option will see how much Mbps speed you are getting per second.

And after a while, you will see the download and upload speed of your internet.
As soon as you open this website, you will see the speed of your internet.

And by clicking on the Show more info option, you can find out what SIM you are using, your current server is, and your uploading and downloading speeds.

Internet Speed Testing Apps:
If you want to measure internet speed on Android mobile, you will get many free apps from Play Store. By downloading any one of them, you can check the internet speed. Some of these popular applications are:

* Speedtest by Ookla
* Free internet speed test
* FAST speed test
* Meteor
* Etc.

Hopefully, you have understood about testing internet speed from the above information. Now you can check your internet speed before doing any work through the internet. This way, you don’t have to face any problems while working online.

And if you have any questions about this article, you can let us know by commenting. We will definitely try to help you. Thank you.

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