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What is a mouse? How many types of mouse and what, what is the function of the mouse?

We almost all use computers. And we work with different types of input devices to give the input given to the computer to do different things. Among the input devices are the mouse and an important device.

In today’s article, we will discuss in detail the mouse. From here, we will learn more about what a mouse is, who invented the mouse, how many types of mouse, and how to use the mouse. If you also want to know the answers to all these questions about the mouse, then keep reading today’s article.

What is a mouse?
A mouse is an input device of a computer. With the help of this pointer is given to the computer input. Another name for the mouse for this is the pointing device. The mouse is used to select an item on a computer and open and close a specific file.

With the help of the mouse, a user instructs the computer to perform various tasks. And anywhere on the computer, the mouse is used to reach the point.

A cable is connected to the man, and a USB port is provided at the other end of the cable. When the port is inserted into the computer, people become connected to the computer.

And a mouse has two switches (left and right) and a wheel in the middle of the two switches. To work left and right-click on the computer, two switches are used. And with the wheel, a specific page is scrolled. This is why the wheel is also called the scroll button.

Who invented the mouse?
In 1978, Douglas C. Engelbart invented the mouse. By profession, he was a soldier during World War II.

What is a mouse pointer?
When using the mouse, the mouse cursor appears on the computer screen. This cursor is moved to different places and points to specific places while working on certain parts. Another name for this cursor is the mouse pointer. Since the point is made with the help of the cursor, it is called a pointer.

How many types of mice, and what are they?
There are five types of mice. These are:

* Mechanical Mouse
* Optical Mouse
* Wireless Mouse
* Trackball Mouse
* Stylus Mouse

1. Mechanical Mouse:
This mouse was made in 1982. This mouse was used with only one ball. There was only one ball under the mouse’s middle, and that ball was worked up and down, right and left. This is why a mechanical mouse is also called a ball mouse.

2. Optical Mouse:
This type of mouse has no balls. Only one bulb is used in place of the ball. That bulb is rotated back and forth, pointed to the computer, and given input.

The bulb that is used is in the middle of the bottom of the mouse. As soon as the man is moved from side to side, the light also moves from side to side, making it very easy to point to the computer. This person has a cable with a mouse at one end and a computer at the other end. Of all the mice used today, the number of optical mouse users is the largest.

3. Wireless Mouse:
The mouse that is used without it is called Wireless Mouse. This type of mouse is made on the radiofrequency technique, the connection with the computer is made.

Transmitter and Receiver are required to use this type of mouse. The transmitter is plugged into the mouse, and the receiver is plugged into the computer separately.

It works just like an optical mouse. The only difference between the two is that one has cable and the other is wireless.

4. Trackball Mouse:
Its function is similar to that of an optical mouse. Such people tend to plant a ball. And with the finger, the mouse is controlled by turning the ball back and forth.

Because such people are not in control quickly, it takes more time to work.

5. Stylus Mouse:
This type of mouse looks a bit like a pen. And this mouse has a wheel attached to it. This type of mouse is more commonly used on touchscreen devices.

What does the mouse do?
We already know that an input device is used to give input to a computer. With the mouse, you have to input to the computer using different types of functions. They are –

When the cursor is moved over an item on a computer screen, a box is created around that item. Pointing from one place to another with the mouse is pointing when the cursor is placed on a file. This is the main function of the mouse.

Clicking on a file is called clicking when the file is clicked with the mouse switches. The two mouse switches are given two names, the left button, and the right button.

The left click is called left click, and the right button is called right-click.

To work with research, you have to click to open a specific file on the computer and others.

Moving the mouse pointer over a specific file, left-clicking on it, that file is selected. This is called selecting. After selecting a file, a border is created around it, which indicates that the specific file has been selected.

Dragging and Dropping:
Selecting a specific file and moving it from one place to another is called Dragging and Dropping.
Drag means lift and Drop means throw.

To drag a specific file, you have to left-click and hold on to that file and go to another place where you want to drop it.

It would be best to have a mouse wheel to scroll from top to bottom on a particular page. When the mouse wheel rotates, it is called scrolling.

Why the mouse is used:
* To scroll any page on the computer
* To copy and paste any file on the computer
* To transfer a file
* To open a new window
* To point to specific places
* To open new applications and games
* To save any document
* To create new documents.

Mouse usage rules:
To use the mouse, first insert the mouse port into the computer’s USB port. This allows the mouse to make connections to the computer.

Once the connection is made, move the person back and forth, pointing to a specific location on the computer.

After pointing, open the specified file with the help of the left and right-click. And scroll from top to bottom of any page with the scroll button.

What kind of device is a mouse?
The mouse is used to input the computer.

Which generation invented the mouse?
The mouse is a second-generation invention.

Mouse input or output?
Mouse input device.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have learned the details about what is a mouse, what is a mouse, what is a mouse type and what is it, who invented the mouse. If you want to know more about the mouse, you can let us know by commenting.

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