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What is a keyboard? How many types of keyboards, and what is the function of any button on the keyboard.

Almost all computer users use keyboards. Without this, it is almost impossible to work on a computer. So every computer has to use the keyboard of one or another company.

In today’s article, we will learn in detail about what a keyboard is, how many types and keyboards are, the function of any button on the keyboard, and how much the keyboard’s price is. If you are also interested in learning about keyboards, then today’s article is fundamental.

What is a keyboard?
The keyboard is an input device of the computer. Through which input is given to the computer by writing text. And the main purpose of the keyboard is to write or type something.

Different commands are required to give different inputs to the computer. With the help of the keyboard, those commands are given with the help of different keyboard keys.

What is a keyboard:
The device that is used to input text and commands to a computer is called a keyboard.

This is one of the most used input devices in computers. With different keys, different types of input can be given to the computer.

How many types of keyboards, and what are they?
There are basically three types of keyboards. They are – QWERTY, AZERTY, and DVORAK.

This type of keyboard layout is the most used. All the keyboards we use today are QWERTY type. Any user can easily use this type of keyboard.

This keyboard layout has been developed in France. This is why it is also called Standard French Keyboard. It is based on another variation.

It is designed to speed up typing by reducing finger movements. It makes typing faster and faster than QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards.

But today, of all the keyboards used, the number of QWERTY keyboards is the largest.

We know that keywords can be divided into three categories based on the layout. However, the keyboard is divided into different parts based on usage. They are –

1. Laptop Keyboard
2. Gaming Keyboard
3. Ergonomic Keyboard
4. Laser Keyboard and
5. Rollup Keyboard

Keyboard Key Types:
The keyboard has a total of 104 buttons or keys. These buttons are used to give input to the computer and to write different types of text. These are divided into 6 parts based on commands and buttons, and each of them has a different function.

* Function Keys
* Typing Keys
* Control Keys
* Navigation Keys
* Indicator Lights
* Numeric Keypad

Function Keys:
The keys from F1 to F12 just above the keyboard are called Function Keys. Its function is different in each program.

Typing Keys:
Alphabet and number keys fall into Typing Keys. Typing keys are the most used keys in life. All these keys are required to write alphabet and numbers while writing text.

In addition to alphabets and numbers, it also includes a variety of symbols and punctuation marks keys.

Control Keys:
All these keys combine with other keys to perform certain tasks. The ctrl key, Alt key, Window key, Esc key, Menu key, Scroll key, Pause Break key, PrtScr key are all included in the control key. Full control of the computer depends on all these keys.

Navigation Keys:
Arrow keys, Home, End, Insert, Page Up, Delete, Page Down are Navigation Keys. These are needed to navigate through specific pages.

Indicator Lights:
Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock are the three keys Indicator Lights. They are used to lock number pads and to write capital / small words.

Numeric Keypad:
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (*, -, +, /, =) To do all this, all the symbols and numbers used are called Numeric Keypad. These are on the bottom right of the keyboard.

What is the function of any button on the keyboard?
* Tab Key – Used for keyboard shortcuts
* Caps Lock Key – It is useful to make the letter smaller or larger. Caps Lock has to be turned on for large handwriting, and if it is turned off, it will become a small hand.
* Shift Keys – The letter is capitalized when a particular word is pressed together with this key.
* Spacebar – It is useful to give a gap between two words.
* Enter Key – If you want to go to another line after finishing the same line, you must press Enter Key. This key also works with the OK button.
* Backspace – Used to delete any text.
* Esc Key – Press this key to stop any current work.
* Ctrl Key – Requires keyboard shortcuts.
* Windows Logo Key – Used to open start menu.
* Arrow Keys – Four arrow keys are used to move up and down and left and right of a page.
* Delete Key – Used to delete selected text and files.
* Numeric Key – There are nine numbers up to 0-9; they are useful to write a number.

What is the price of the keyboard?
If you want a cable or wired keyboard, you can get a good keyboard for 150 to 1000 rupees. The price is according to the company. The better the company’s keyboard, the more money you have to pay.

And if you want a wireless or wireless keyboard, you have to spend over Rs 1,200.

How to connect the keyboard to the computer?
If you want to put the keyboard on the computer, then put the USB port of the keyboard in any port of the computer. Then, as soon as your keyboard lights up, you realize that your keyboard connection has been successful.

If you want to install a wireless keyboard, connect the open port of the keyboard to the computer; with the help of Bluetooth, make the connection to the keyboard.

Some popular keyboard company names:
If you want to buy keyboards, you can buy keyboards from all these companies. You will also get a warranty with their good product quality.

* Logitech
* HP
* Amkette
* Zebronics
* Dell
* iBall
* Lenovo
* Intex

Some functions of the Control key:
The control key never works alone. By pressing a specific key together with the control key, a specific task is accomplished. So below is the list of control keys, what works with which button.

Ctrl + A to select all the content on a particular page
Ctrl + C to copy selected contents
Ctrl + D To bookmark a specific page opened in a web browser
Ctrl + F can open the find box of the document
Ctrl + I to make the selected text italic
Ctrl + K to hyperlink selected text
Ctrl + N to open a new blank page for a specific program
Ctrl + O to open a file
Ctrl + P to print out the open page
Ctrl + S Specific documents can be saved
Ctrl + V to paste copied text
Ctrl + Z to undo or undo
Ctrl + End Go to the last part of the open document
Ctrl + X to cut after selecting a part
Ctrl + Del to delete the selected part
Ctrl + Ins to Coy the selected part
Ctrl + Home Go to the very beginning of documents
Ctrl + left arrow to the left of a word
Ctrl + right arrow to the right of a word

How many keys are there on the keyboard?
Usually, the keyboard has 104 keys. However, some keyboards have 105 and 108 keys.

What kind of keyboard device?
Since with the help of a keyboard, by typing any text and command, input is given to the computer; So this is the input device.

Hopefully, from the above information, you know what a keyboard is, what a keyboard is, how much a keyboard costs, how many types of keyboards, and what kind of keyboard devices. If you want to know more about the keyboard, you can let us know by commenting.

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