Ways to recover deleted photos on mobile.

We all use mobile and save other downloaded pictures, including many of our personal photos on mobile. But sometimes all the pictures are accidentally deleted from our mobile. And we all know that if a picture is deleted from mobile, it is not possible to bring it back.

However, in today’s article, I will tell you about a trick through which you can recover deleted photos from mobile. Through which, you can easily backup any photo or deleted photo to mobile.

Why do you need a deleted photo?
We often take pictures of important documents on our mobiles along with pictures of important documents. But sometimes, many photos are accidentally deleted from the mobile.

We need to re-delete all the important photos to get them back.

How to recover deleted photos:
If you want to recover deleted photos from your mobile, you need to download an application.

Which allows you to easily restore all deleted photos from your mobile phone after installing the application. The name of the application we will use is DiskDigger Photo Recovery. And the size of this application is less than 2 MB.

How to recover deleted photos:
If you have installed the above application on your mobile, you can now get back the deleted photos from the mobile.

For this, after opening the application first, you will get an option called START BASIC PHOTO SCAN. Allow you to scan the deleted photos on your mobile by clicking on this option.

Then all the deleted photos will come to your mobile screen one by one. After clicking on the photos, you want to retrieve, select those photos.

Once selected, click on the Recover option at the bottom.

If you want to save deleted photos on mobile, then click on option number two.

Then choose whom you want to see the deleted photos in the file. And press the OK button.

We will immediately save your deleted photo on the mobile. Now you can view the photos from the mobile photo gallery or the file manager.

This way, you can save as many deleted photos as you want on your mobile.

Ways to recover deleted photos by a specific date:
If you want to recover deleted photos according to the specified date, open the application and click on the setting option. Then with the Minimum file date and Maximum file date, press the OK button.

This allows you to recover images by a specific date.

Some more apps to recover deleted photos:
If you want to restore deleted photos by installing the above application on your mobile, you can easily recover the photos.

There is also a list of some more applications to bring back deleted photos on mobile.

You can get your work done using any one of these applications.

* Dumpster
* Recover Deleted Photo
* Photo Recovery App
* Restore all deleted photos

You can easily download the above applications from the Play Store. Choose one of these applications to recover deleted photos.

Hopefully, you have understood how to recover deleted photos from mobile from the above information.

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