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WhatsApp is bringing new features.

The WhatsApp company often brings new features for the convenience of customers. The authorities of WhatsApp keep an eye on the fact that customers can use this messaging app very easily. This time WhatsApp is going to launch a feature with the help of which customers will get the opportunity to edit the sent messages.

WhatsApp company is currently working on this new feature. This feature will be added in the new update of the WhatsApp app soon. After sending a message, customers will get up to 15 minutes to edit it.

Many times, while sending a message to someone in a hurry, a mistake is made. Then there is no option but to delete the message. After the new feature comes, everyone will get a chance to edit the message. But not only the typo but also, if you want to add something new to the previous message, it can be written. That is, after sending a message, customers will get the facility to edit it completely.

This has been reported in a report published by WhatsApp tracker WABT. The report said, ‘This feature is yet to be launched in full. But this will be available in the Android update.

However, captions of any media (photos, videos) sent on WhatsApp cannot be edited with the help of the new feature. Testing is currently underway for the iOS version. Beta testing will start soon. It is expected that this new feature of WhatsApp will be launched in the web version as well as on Android.

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