What are Facebook Reels, why, and how?

There is no shortage of social media online now. However, no matter how many mediums there are, Facebook is at the top in terms of popularity. Especially if we talk about our country, it is difficult to find people who are used to using the internet but do not have a Facebook account. Our today’s event is about a popular feature of Facebook ‘Facebook Reels’.

Facebook Reels are short videos. Videos of a maximum of 60 seconds can be created using the reels feature. If you want, you can create a new video by editing the video made by others. Because of the opportunity to create short videos, TikTok became very popular around the world in a short time. Therefore, Facebook’s parent organization Meta has launched the Reels feature in the country to allow exchanging short videos in the manner of TikTok. Although TikTok is young, its popularity has skyrocketed in a very short time. Many people think that special features like reels are the main reason for this popularity. Later, popular platforms like Facebook and YouTube also followed this path.

Reels feature will be seen next to live, room, and group on the Facebook newsfeed. It is known that there is also an opportunity to earn from reels. Facebook will show banner and sticker ads on videos uploaded to Reels. They will also pay the video makers for the ad revenue. Not only that, the video creators themselves can earn direct income by showing sticker ads below the video. Facebook also has plans to show ads across the reels video screen. If everything goes well, ads will appear across the video screen within a few days. As a result, the amount of income will also increase. To earn money from Facebook Reels, content creators need to do brand promotion. Various companies advertise various products through creators. In this case, the more followers the Facebook reel has, the more earning potential the creator has. Apart from this, there are various influencer marketing companies. These organizations manage various creators of Facebook Reels. Through these agencies also contracts can be made with various companies for advertisement. But there are opportunities to earn directly and from Facebook. Facebook hinted about some of the conditions for Reels video monetization through their blog post. Namely- the Facebook page should have at least 10 thousand followers, videos should have 6 lakh minutes of views within the last 60 days, and at least 5 active videos should be published.

In a word, the conditions that need to be fulfilled for monetizing a Facebook page, even for Facebook Reels video monetization, those conditions must be fulfilled.

As Meta mentioned in their blog post, Facebook Reels videos will feature overlay ads in two formats. They are banner ads and sticker ads.

Facebook reels video

Monetization rules

If the Facebook page or account is eligible for Reels Video Monetization by fulfilling all the conditions, then apply for Reels Video Monetization by following the steps below-

*First login to the professional dashboard of the Facebook account or page.

*After that you will see below that there will be an option Adds on Reels. Click on it.

*After that click on the Get Started button below.

* Now you will see the business information form. You have to fill that form with all the correct information.

*Payment method setup after submitting details. Here select either PayPal or Bank Account and submit the required information accordingly.

*Submit the Latest Tax Info (You can submit it later if you wish).

*Click on the right button after filling in everything correctly.

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