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How to turn Auto Reply offline on WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. There are billions of WhatsApp users around the world. The site owned by Meter is constantly updating itself. The platform is used not only for personal conversations but also for business.
Large and small companies use WhatsApp business accounts. Now users will get new benefits on WhatsApp.

You can use the auto-reply feature in WhatsApp. WhatsApp will automatically reply to any message through this feature. The user does not always have to be online for this. Auto-reply mode will start when no user is online.

This feature was introduced on WhatsApp several years ago. But many do not know how to turn on this feature. Let us know how to use the feature-

> Launch WhatsApp first.
> There is a three-dot menu in the far right corner of the home screen. Clicking there will open the settings option.
> After opening that option, tap on the Business Settings option.
> Then tap on Send Message option from there.
> A box will open as soon as you tap. You have to write down what you want to reply to there.
> Then you have to schedule that message.
However, this feature is available only to those who use WhatsApp Business accounts. This feature is not yet available to ordinary WhatsApp users.

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