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WhatsApp chat will be completely secure in five ways

Everyone wants to keep their conversations secret on WhatsApp. Due to the use of end-to-end encryption, no third party will be able to view your WhatsApp chat. And in all the chats on WhatsApp, this protection is enabled from the beginning.
There are a few steps you can take to keep chats secure on WhatsApp. Take a look-

What to do if the phone is lost?

Once the phone is lost it becomes very difficult to find. However, in addition to WhatsApp, various bank account information is saved on the phone. For this reason, many people start worrying when the phone is lost. However, it is very easy to log out of WhatsApp from a lost phone. Get a duplicate SIM card quickly for this. After that, if you log in to WhatsApp through OTP using that SIM from a new phone, your WhatsApp will be logged out from the lost phone.

Profile photoprotection

Online fraudsters can harm you from your profile picture. If you use the same image on different social platforms, it will not be too late for hackers to find the information. However, it is possible to solve this problem very easily. WhatsApp has a special feature that can be used to view your profile picture only from the saved number of your contact. For this, open WhatsApp and open Settings. Then open the Privacy and select the Profile Photo option. After that, you have to choose the My Contact option. After that only the person who is saved in your contact will see your WhatsApp profile picture.

Beware of unknown links

In the digital age, you often get unknown links from almost all social platforms. Never click on such unknown links. Most of the time hackers send such links to insert malware into your device. Which can damage your phone. Find out first by tapping on such links, not by opening, by long tap, by copying and pasting in websites like ScanURL, and PhishTank in the browser.

Two-step verification

You must use two-step verification to add an extra layer of security when logging in to WhatsApp. Adding an extra layer of security will make it easier to keep accounts safe from hackers. This security feature can be enabled from Settings> Accounts by opening WhatsApp.

Log out of WhatsApp Web

Do you regularly chat using WhatsApp Web from a computer? However, you must log out of the Web client account after use. Because if you keep WhatsApp Web logged in to the computer, then another person can see it. If you use an office computer, don’t forget to log out of WhatsApp Web.

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