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What is WiFi calling? How to do Wi-Fi Calling.

Today is the age of mobile. Where different developers are adding new features, day after day. One of these is WiFi calling. With the help of this technique, any phone call can be made with the help of mobile WiFi without a cellular network.

If you are unfamiliar with this feature, find out what WiFi calling is and how to do WiFi calling in today’s article. Through which you can make any call by connecting WiFi to mobile.

What is required for WiFi Calling?
Wifi calling requires only a wifi calling supported mobile phone. Through which you can make any call through Jif / airtel sim, free wifi calling.

But one thing to keep in mind – if you have a jio or Airtel SIM card, then you can enjoy wifi calling. No other sim provider company in India has started a wifi calling facility yet.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?
WiFi calling is a type of phone call just like a normal phone call. To make such calls with the help of WiFi is called WiFi calling. With the help of WiFi calling, you can easily make phone calls with the help of WiFi-only without a SIM card.

And just like a normal phone call, your name will be shown on another device when you call another number. To make WiFi calls, there is no need to download any third-party application on mobile. Because WiFi calling is included in the settings of your mobile.

To make WiFi calling, you need to connect your mobile device with Home Wi-Fi or Public Wi-Fi, or Hotspot.

How to know if your mobile wifi Calling is supported?
To find out if your mobile supports WiFi calling, go to Network Settings (Sim Card & Mobile Data) option from the Mobile Settings option. And from there go to the specific SIM card and open the Sim Info option.

Then you will see the WiFi calling option at the bottom. If you turn it on, WiFi calling will be turned on on your device. If you do not see the WiFi calling option on your mobile, update your mobile to get this feature.

Advantages of WiFi calling:
There are many benefits to using WiFi calling. For example, on very few networks, you can talk very clearly with the help of WiFi calling. And for this, no network provider will charge a single taka from Pabna. And you don’t even have to install any other application to make WiFi calling.

Note: If you do not want to charge the router, and want to make free WiFi calling, set up a WiFi connection from any other Android mobile to your device via hotspot.

How to do wifi calling on an android device?
If you are an Android user and want to call others with WiFi calling on your device, then follow the steps below.

Setting: First go to the setting option on the device and from there open the ‘Sim Card & Mobile Data’ option.

Sim Info & Setting: Then you will see an interface called Sim Info & Setting. Where you will see the Sim Card option. Click on the sim slot of the device that has a Jio / Airtel sim card (Sim 1, Sim 2).

Then you will see the new interface. After scrolling through it, the ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ option will appear. You simply click on this option.

Wi-Fi calling: Along with Wi-Fi calling, you will see a second Wi-Fi calling option. Simply enable this option.

How to do WiFi Calling on iOS Device?
* First connect the iOS device with wifi with a router.
* Then go to device setting option
* From there open the cellular/network option
* After going to the network option, ‘Wifi Calling On This Phone Option’ will be shown. To make wifi calling on an iOS device, enable this option.

After that, if you connect WiFi to the device and call any mobile number, that phone will be forwarded through WiFi. And if you turn off WiFi, want to go back to the old system again, turn off WiFi on the device.

What is Jio WiFi Calling – How to do Jio WiFi Calling?
Wi-Fi calling through Jio company’s sim card is called Jio WiFi calling. Which is a Wi-Fi calling feature made by jio company. With Jio Wi-Fi calling, you can put a jio sim card on your mobile and make voice and video calling after turning on wifi calling.

To make Jio Wi-Fi calling, go to Device Settings and go to >> Network >> Jio sim option. From there you will see the wifi calling option. Then turn on this option.

What is VoWiFi?
Another name for wifi calling is VoWiFi, and its full form is Voice Over Wifi – which means Video / Voice calls through wifi. Jio is the first company in India to offer a VoWiFi facility to its users. A few days later, Airtel also launched a VoWiFi facility for all airtel customers. Which supports 150+ mobile models.

How does Wi-Fi Calling work?
Works via Wi-Fi calling, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system. With the help of WiFi internet, one device is connected to another device.

3rd party applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype can also make any phone call through voice over internet protocol system. Through which any third-party application wifi network / cellular network determination any call is connected.

The wifi Calling system provides the best calling experience to the user through VoIP technology. Which is a very good way to save international roaming.

Differences between Normal Call and Wi-Fi Calling:
1. Wi-Fi Calling can be called at a remote location. For which there is no need to have any cellular cell phone tower nearby.

2. Wifi calling, provides a much weaker, conversation rate than normal mobile calling. For this, sometimes there is disturbance while calling.

3. Wifi calling, lowers the battery of the device. But the cellular network drains a lot more battery.

Does Wi-Fi Calling require a fast Wi-Fi connection?
The faster the WiFi connection, the better you can make WiFi calling. If the speed of WiFi is 500 / seconds, then you will get a call facility with a better and fresh voice. According to the Republic Wireless Report, if the speed of WiFi is 80 kb / s, then there are many problems during the call and clearance and not noticed.

Wi-Fi Calling supported Device:
* Xiaomi
* Samsung
* Motorola
* Google pixel
* Realme
* Redmi
* Lava
* Oneplus
* Infinix
* Coolpad
* Mobiistar
* Tecno
* Itel
* Apple

Listed above all the supported devices, you will not get a wifi calling facility on all devices. Only those mobile phones that are new and above the 7.0 version, only those users will get the facility of wifi calling.

How to do Wi-Fi Calling after launching VoWiFi?
I have already said that Wi-Fi Calling is a kind of phone call like a normal phone call. To make Wi-Fi calling, open the wifi calling option, open the device’s basic phone calling option. Then dial the number you want to call with or with the help of Wi-Fi.

I hope you have learned about WiFi calling, how to do WiFi calling, how Wi-Fi calling works from the above information. If you have more information about WiFi calling, please let us know in the comments.

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