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Because mobile is slow, what to do if mobile hangs?

What to do if the mobile is slow? This is the question most mobile users ask. If your mobile is slow and the phone works slow, you can learn more about what to do if your mobile hangs in today’s article.

Along with this, we will also find out the reasons why Android mobile is slow. By knowing the reasons for slowing down your mobile, you can easily stay away from your mobile hanging.

All Android mobiles have limited ram and processing power. But if you put pressure on your mobile beyond the capacity of your device, it will definitely hang.

Reasons why mobile is slow:
Nowadays most people use Android mobile. And every human mobile tends to slow down and hang for a variety of reasons.

The reasons why mobile is slow are:
* Install the game after the memory of the mobile is full
* Play games after the mobile Ram is filled.
* Do not download applications and games as memory cards.
* Powerful application installed on mobile.
* Log file, cookies, cache not deleted from mobile.
* Third-party launcher, live wallpaper installed.

If all these things are done on your mobile then your mobile will be slow.

What to do if mobile hang – What to do if mobile hang:

1. Check Device RAM & Stop Multitasking:
The most important thing to launch in any application device is the RAM of the mobile. If you do not have Ram on your mobile to run certain applications, your mobile will hang and slow down later.

So you go to the settings of your mobile and stop multitasking (running many applications at once). This will save the RAM of the mobile and there will be no shortage of RAM to process the specific application.

2. Turn off live wallpapers:
Live wallpapers on Edal Mobile put a lot of pressure on the CPU. This is because the processor of the device is always busy keeping the live wallpaper running. This puts a lot of pressure on the processor while doing other things.

If you want to eliminate the problem of mobile hang, then you must remove the Live Wallpaper from the mobile, use simple wallpaper.

Here you will find a list of some sites for downloading mobile wallpapers. If you want you can download quality full wallpaper from here.

3. Delete Apps Cache:
When an application is running on a mobile, it creates a junk file. Which later puts pressure on the phone memory.

Because it accumulates on the phone memory and reduces the storage space. Due to which many applications do not run mobile properly.

For this, to free the storage of the device, go to the settings of the mobile and remove the junk files/caches of the specific application.

4. Remove History & Cookies from Browser:
If you use the internet most of the time with the help of a mobile web browser, a lot of search history and cache will be stored in the browser. Due to this my mobile works very slow.

Because using the internet with the help of Rezaul, all those caches are stored in the memory card of the mobile.

If I want to make Android mobile fast then remove all these History & Cookie’s shots.

To do this, open the specific web browser and go to the cache & history option from the setting option, clear data.

5. Use anti-virus Application on Device:
When using the Internet on a mobile, sometimes viruses from the Internet enter the mobile. As a result, more and more mobiles started to hang.

For this, install a trusted anti-virus application on your mobile. Through which the device is scanned, the device will be virus-free.

If you want, you can install any antivirus application from Playstore.

6. Keep Device updated:
If your mobile is old and you have not updated the operating system of the device, then your mobile will be slow.

Because after the arrival of a new Android version, the security feature of the device, bugfix, and speed boost. That’s why you must update your mobile. You can see the way to update mobile from here.

In addition, if you go from the setting option of the mobile to the About Phone option and touch on the software update option, your mobile will be updated.

7. Delete unwanted Apps:
If you have installed some applications on your mobile that you do not use, delete them now. This is because unnecessary applications put pressure on the processor by simply creating pressure on the device’s storage.

At the same time, the cache and data of that application are also stored in the mobile. Which fills the storage of the device.

To delete unnecessary applications from mobile, go to Apps & Notification option from device settings, uninstall the specific application. If you want you can see the necessary Android applications from here.

8. Close background Application:
A lot of times when you run a lot of applications on the mobile together, even if the light of the mobile is turned off, the applications continue in the background.

And if you restart the mobile after a while, all those applications put pressure on the mobile processor and reduce the performance.

For this, after completing the work of the specific application, close this application completely, then launch the new application.

9. Use Lite Version of any Application:
Nowadays application development companies have created lite versions of many applications. Applications that run on less processing power.

If you want to use the applications on social media like Facebook, Instagram, find the lite version of each application and use them.

You will find the lite version of most applications and games in the Play Store. Which play better in 2G connections and reduce the chances of mobile hanging.

10. Try to update all Applications:
As well as updating your mobile’s operating system or system software, keep an eye on all the applications installed on your mobile.

Every day, application development companies offer the opportunity to update their mobile and application performance enhancements.

If you are using an older version of an application, always try to update them to the newer version. This is because application development companies, after updating applications, look at how they work best with less memory. If you update all these applications, the CPU power of your mobile will increase many times.

11. Refresh the Mobile Phone:
If you refresh your mobile phone once every day, many types of unnecessary data will be deleted from the phone. Thanks to this the mobile will work better than before. Restart the mobile once a day to refresh the mobile.

12. Install Application on SD card:
Many Android users install applications in the internal storage of the device. Due to the jar, the pressure on the phone memory increases.

This is because the processor often cannot find the amount of storage required to run an application.

Mobile processors always work based on internal storage. If you already have a lot of applications stored there, the storage capacity for launching certain applications falls short.

For this, go to the storage option from the setting option and select SD card the in default write disk option. As a result, the next time an application is installed, it will be in external storage, not internal storage.

13. Move Installed Application:
To free up the device’s internal storage, move applications that are already stored in the internal storage to external storage.

As a result, all application data will be stored in external storage and the processor will be able to work freely with internal storage.

For this, go to the apps option from the setting option and remove the applications.

14. Reset Your Phone:
If your device is still slow after following all the tricks given above, you still have one option left. That is Mobile Reset.

If you reset the device, all data and applications will be removed from your mobile. And the mobile will be as it was at the time of purchase.

All the messages, contacts, file apps, photos, video, ringtone, songs in your mobile will be deleted from the internal memory and will start with full processing speed.

For this, go to the Reset option from the setting option and reset the phone.

How to increase the speed of the old mobile?
* Delete unnecessary photos, videos, songs from mobile and keep external and internal storage free.
* Remove Application and browser cache & junk file.
* After closing the Background running applications, launch the new application.
* Install Custom ROM.
* Turn off Auto-Sync.
* Always keep System aaps updated.
* Disable Animation.
* Unused application and delete it from the file.
* Turn on the data saver option.

Hopefully, from the information of others, you have learned the reasons for the slowdown of the mobile and what to do if the mobile hangs – what to do if the mobile hangs. If you want to know more about mobile hanging, let us know by commenting.

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