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What is Call Barring? How to use call barring on mobile.

Most people nowadays use mobile, but many people do not know about some of the secret features of mobile. Today, we will discuss such a feature when we go to the dock, called call barring. This feature is handy for all mobile users.

Today’s article will discuss call bearing, what is meant by call bearing, and how to turn on and off call barring. Hopefully, after reading today’s article, all doubts about call bearing will be cleared from your mind. So let’s learn step-by-step about call bearing without delay.

What does barring mean?
Before we know the call bearing, we will know the meaning of the word bearing, barring means to stop or stop. In English, barring something is called bar.

Barring’s straightforwardness seems to be to put something on hold for some reason. Restart it if needed.

Example: barred phone. This means that some services on the phone have been turned off or suspended for some time.

What does call barring mean?
Barring means to stop, and Call means to call. So in simple language call, bearing means to block or stop the call.

This option comes in handy when any incoming, outgoing call needs to be turned off on mobile. If it is necessary to bar incoming, outgoing roaming, and international calls of any kind on the mobile, then the calls can be turned on / off through the call barring option.

* This means you can enable/disable any call on your mobile with the help of the call barring option.
* No outgoing call can be made from mobile through outgoing call barred.
* No call will be received on mobile through incoming call barred.
* Roaming Call barred, Roaming Call will not come.
* If the international call is barred, the international call will stop coming.
That means – suspending mobile calls.

Through which outgoing call block, international call block, incoming phone call block, roaming call can be turned off from mobile easily.

I hope you understand what a call bearing is. Now we will know what the types of call bearings are and how to use this service.

How many types of call barring:
There are 5 types of call bearings. You can apply them to different tasks, depending on the task. These are –

All outgoing calls:
Enabling this option will stop the phone’s outgoing calls. This means that other people’s calls will come to your mobile, but no call will come from your mobile. Assuming you don’t need to call anyone, this option will work if you only want to receive calls.

Outgoing international calls:
With this option, you will not be able to make international calls from your mobile to any country other than your own. You can only call within your country. If you do not want to call any country other than your own, you can turn this option on.

Outgoing international roaming calls:
If roaming charges are incurred for calling outside the country, this option is useful for turning off outgoing international roaming calls. This option is useful if you only want to make calls from your country to countries where roaming is not charged. Through which you can call all the countries except the country where roaming takes place.

One thing to keep in mind:
If Unlimited Pack is recharged on any number, there is no roaming charge for making any National International call from that number. If you recharge any pack other than Unlimited Pack, take the help of the Outgoing international roaming calls option to block international roaming calls.

All incoming calls:
With this option, you will not be able to call any other person, but your mobile will not receive any call, or no one will be able to call you. This option will come in handy if you only want to make outgoing calls through mobile and turn off incoming calls.

Incoming calls when Roaming:
After turning on this option, no incoming calls will come after roaming is started on the network. When roaming is stopped again, calls will come again. If you want to save roaming charges by calling outside the state, this option will come in handy.

Why Call Barring is used:
* To suspend any incoming call through call barring.
* To stop any outgoing call.
* To disable roaming call.
* To block all international calls.

Advantages of Call Barring:
* When doing important work, if you do not want to be disturbed by a person’s incoming call, these options come in handy.
* To turn off phone calls while attending important meetings
If you do not want to make phone calls outside the country, then the call bearing option is useful
* This option is used to avoid roaming charges.
* Turn off incoming and outgoing calls while giving phone calls to young children
* If you do not want to receive someone’s phone while sleeping at night, you can turn on the calling option
* Call barring option is advantageous when calling strangers.

What is Call Barring Default Code?
To enable ‘Call Barring’ features on most mobile devices, a default password is required. If you do not enter this password, you will not be able to activate the call-bearing service. The default code for call bearing on most mobiles is ‘0000’.

How to know Default Call Barring password?
If the default Call Barring code (0000) does not open the Call Barring features, go straight to Google Default Pin For Call Barring and search.

Example: Realme 3 Default Pin For Call Barring

By typing this way and searching on Google, you will see the Default call barring Pin of your device. Then you can activate the Call Barring service with the help of a four-digit pin.

How to use Call Barring on mobile:
If you want to turn the call barring on / off your mobile, follow the steps below.

How to do Call Barring ‘On’?
To turn on the call bearing, first, open the dial pad on the mobile. Then go to the setting option by clicking on the 2 dot option at the top right of the interface that will come up.

After going to the setting option, you will enter the new interface. And at the very bottom of the interface, you will see an option called Carrier Call Setting. Now you click on this option.

After going to the Carrier Call Setting option, you will see the Call Barring option. From here, you can turn on and off any service.

After coming to this option, all the options for Automatically Call Barring will be opened after waiting for a while.

Here you will see 5 options to barred the call.

* All outgoing calls
* Outgoing international calls
* Outgoing international roaming calls
* Reject all incoming calls
* Reject incoming calls while roaming.

With the enable icon next to all the options, you can bar any call you like.

How to do Call Barring ‘Off’?
To turn off the Call Barring service, open Dialpad and go to the setting option. And enter the Carrier Call Setting option from the setting option. And then go to the Call Barring option and disable all the calls that have been barred.

How to change the call barring password?
To change the Call Barring password, go to the Change Restrictions password option from the call barring option. And enter the default or old password (0000) in the Enter old password section.

Then, enter the 4 digits new password twice in the ‘Enter new password’ section.

Note: Some mobiles may have the Change Barring Password option instead of the Change Restrictions password. These two options work the same.

What is Call Forwarding?
When a specific phone call is forwarded to another mobile or number, it is called call forwarding. With the help of this system, after receiving a call on a particular mobile, that call is sent or transferred to another mobile number.

The call forwarding option comes in handy when mobile is busy with another number, out of coverage area, or switched off, unreachable.

However, keep in mind that call forwarding features are enabled on the number that is charged extra for call forwarding.

How to do Call Forwarding?
To turn on Call Forwarding, open the Dialpad of the mobile and go to the setting option. And from the setting to the Carrier Call Setting option, choose the call forwarding option. Now you can choose the call forwarding option as per your choice.

Then press the ‘On’ option with the number you want to forward the call to and send to another number. Then based on the Call Forwarding set up, call forwarding or transfer to the second number will be successful.

The difference between Call Forwarding and Call Barring
1. Call Forwarding means the incoming call to a certain number, transfer to another number. Call Barring means to suspend any call for a certain period of time.

2. Call Forwarding is done only on incoming calls, but the Call Barring feature is done on any call.

3. There is no separate charge for Call Barring but an extra charge for Call Forwarding.

So I hope you have found much information about call bearings above. Such as what is called bearing, the meaning of call bearing, how to do call bearing.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the process of turning on and off the call bearing mentioned above is based on the Realme device.

If you are using another company’s mobile, then there is no need to take tension because the Call Barring setting is the same on most mobiles, but the names of the settings may change somewhat.

And if your friends don’t know about this call-bearing feature, let your friends know about this feature.

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