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Finally Google Pixel Watch appeared

Technology giant Google has finally unveiled a smartwatch. The Google Pixel Watch was unveiled at a recent developers’ conference.
Gul’s Pixel Watch supports 4G. Can be connected only to Android devices, but mobile phone and watch networks must be the same. It also has a Fitbit Health tracking system with its own wearable operating system.

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to face stiff competition from Apple and Samsung once it hits the market. Because the smartwatches made by these companies are in a good position in the market.

Rick Osterloh, vice president of Google’s devices and services division, says the combination of “Google’s ecosystem and Fitbit’s capabilities” makes the product impeccable. However, Google has stated that there is no basis for rumors that Pixel Watch may be associated with Apple products.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Google bought Fitbit, a US-based consumer electronics and fitness company, for  210 billion. The acquisition agreement was approved by the European Commission after an investigation. Google then had to promise not to use Fitbit data for advertising.

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