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6G Network Will Be 50 Times Faster

The world has entered the world of Five-Z. However, Five-G has not been seen in many countries yet. It is also undeniable that in the coming days FiveG will require a higher speed network. That is why various technology companies around the world are moving towards the Six-G network. This time, South Korean tech giant Samsung has been added to the list.
A statement from Samsung outlined plans for the “Next Generation Networking Standard” or 6G.

Sunghun Choi, Samsung’s executive VP and head of the Advanced Communications Research Center, said many Samsungs have already begun working on the 8G network. We’ve realized that high-speed connectivity is needed for the future. We have already started work to bring ‘Next Generation Communication Standard’.

Samsung claims that the internet speed will be up to 1 terabyte per second at 8G. Which is 50 times faster than 5G.

In June 2021, Samsung’s 6-G test showed that at a distance of 15 meters, 8 Gbps speed was found inside the house. At a distance of 30 meters was 12 Gbps. 2.3 Gbps at a distance of 120 meters.

Samsung will also share the results of future research on the 8G network with the world in more detail.

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