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15 Essential Android Apps – Which You Can Use Too!

Nowadays, almost everyone uses Android mobile. Android mobile has made many tasks of our lives easier and simpler. But behind this simplicity, there are many types of Android applications. Applications that are used in our daily work.

If you are an Android user and don’t know which apps need to be on your phone, today’s article will help you.

Today, we will talk about some of the 15 essential apps that will make your daily work much easier after learning about them useful apps. Let’s find out about the best Android apps without delay:

Required Android Apps:
The fifteen apps mentioned here are all straightforward to download from the Android App Play Store. You can download all these apps from the play store if you want.

The number one application among the necessary apps is YouTube. YouTube is a video platform created by Google. With this application, you can watch videos of any category for free.

This application is used to watch videos of various product houses and informative videos of common people on their mobiles.

You can watch trending songs, web series, short films, tutorial videos, and other informative videos on YouTube. If you do not have this application on your mobile, you can download the application now. Otherwise, you will be deprived of various information of the present age.

You can connect with Facebook to talk to any person in the world. And nowadays, almost everyone uses Facebook. While most people run Facebook from a mobile browser, many are unaware that Facebook has its own application.

With the Facebook application, you can easily open and use Facebook. For this, you do not have to go to the browser and search by typing Facebook repeatedly.

Facebook is very popular all over the world; over 500 million people have used the Facebook application. Facebook can be used very easily through this application. If you want, you can install this application on your mobile to use Facebook.

If you want to chat on Facebook, the Facebook company has created an application just for chatting called Messenger. With this application, you can chat with any person, share your current location, audio, video, image, sticker, emoji, everything.

You can also do this directly from the Facebook website, but it is a little inconvenient to do all this together there. So if you want to chat with any person without any hassle, you can use the Facebook Messenger application.

Spotify is one of the most popular apps. If you like listening to music, then this app will come in handy. From this application, you can listen to music directly online. And you don’t have to download any song on your mobile to listen to songs from this application. You can listen to any song directly at any time without any hassle.

In this application, you can easily listen to any old and new song, starting from the song sung by any singer and any song from any movie.

MX Player:
If you like to watch movies through mobile, then many people download the movie on their mobile-first. And when a movie becomes high quality, the default video player on the mobile sometimes does not support the movie, and sometimes there is a sound problem.

If you want to fix this problem, you can download the MX player application on mobile and play any video and movie. This is one of the essential Android apps that is always needed for mobile.

Sometimes if you like a video on YouTube, you want to download that video to your mobile. This application is useful for downloading any video from YouTube. For this, you can use the Snaptube application to download any video from YouTube.

However, I will not get this application directly from the Play Store. You can download it directly from Google if you want. With this application, you can easily download any video from YouTube.

With the WhatsApp application, you can store phone numbers, send video calls, audio, and video, send photos and emojis, and share location with anyone who has stored their phone numbers on their mobile phones.

WhatsApp is the number one chatting application today. And everyone has this application on their mobile.

This platform is top-rated and necessary if you like to take pictures. Instagram is an image platform. Here different people take pictures with their mobiles and cameras and create an account on Instagram, sharing it with other people.

If you want to show your pictures to other people, the Instagram application is essential for you.

Google meet:
If you want to attend a meeting online at home, the Google Meet application is significant. With this application, you can start any meeting and join any meeting.

And since it is a Google application, you do not have to pay any charges for using it.

Google Keep:
In today’s busy life, many things need to be noted. If you want to do something later and write it down somewhere now, you can use the Google Keep app.

Here you can write down any everyday thing or task and see it in time, and you can do the thing very easily. You don’t need a pen and paper to take notes. You can take notes on my mobile with the Google Keep app.

The PicsArt app is essential for those who love to post pictures on various social media. This is an image editing application.

With a variety of tools, you can easily edit any image. And you can make that picture more attractive than before and share it on social media and with other people.

Khata book:
If you lend to someone, you can have this application installed on your mobile.

Where you lend to a person, you can write down the person’s name and mobile number. And you can send a message to that mobile number in time stating how much you have lent to him and within what date you have to repay it.

Apart from movies and serials, another thing that is popular these days is the web series. If you want to see different trending and old web series, this application will come in handy.

Here you can see different types of new websites with premium search.

Many times phone calls come to our mobile from unknown numbers. Then we hesitate to pick up the phone call from that unknown number.

However, if you download and install the TrueCaller app from the Play Store, you can easily understand phone calls from an unknown number.

If you keep this application installed on your mobile, if you receive a call from an unknown number, that person’s phone number and name will be displayed on your mobile screen without the internet. This will make it easier to know if you know the person or if your phone call should be picked up. So it is one of the essential applications.

Google Map:
If you like moving to new places, keep the Google Size app with your mobile.

If you want to go to an unknown place, you can easily reach a specific place with the location of that place. And you can stand in an unknown place and find out the name of that place.

So here is a list of 15 essential Android apps which are very useful for mobile. I hope you have an idea about the work of 15 applications. You can download all the applications from the list above if you want. Or you can use any application at your convenience. Hopefully, after learning about these 15 applications, your work has become easier than before.

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