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SMS messaging solutions are used to personalize care, deploy services remotely, promote healthier lifestyles and provide significant cost savings to the healthcare industry as a whole.

SMS messaging solutions are used by Government bodies to improve service delivery communication, or disaster management, including incident and damage assessment.

Banking And Finance
SMS messaging solutions are used in banking and finance to reduce theft and fraud through one-time-passwords (OTPs), generate actionable, real-time transaction and fraud alerts, as well as reduce cost-to-serve customers with timely service notifications and payment reminders.

Travel & Hospitality
SMS messaging solutions are used in travel and hospitality to cost-effectively alert customers of delays, confirm bookings, and co-ordinate changes to travelers’ schedules.

IT / Software
SMS messaging solutions are used in IT and Software to create customized products and messaging services. They are also used to notify employees when a system’s status has changed.

NGO / Aid
SMS messaging solutions are used by local and national governments and private organizations to communicate and easily connect people with emergency aid or send instant information alerts when the need arises – even when voice calls cannot go through, SMS messages still can.

Retail / Consumer
SMS solutions are used by retail organizations to alert customers about the status of their orders, organize the timely collection of goods and repairs and even as an internal tool to monitor the progress of product manufacturing and shipping.The SMS marketing services makes it easy to collect cell phone numbers and send promotional text messages to your retail customers. We offer customized solutions for car dealerships, golf courses, salons &spas, sports leagues, and theaters etc.

SMS messaging solutions are used in insurance to maximize returns and provide better service..

Social Networking
SMS messaging solutions can be used in a variety of ways by social networks: to authenticate user activations or sessions with one-time-passwords (OTPs), provide premium-rated SMS micro-billing, or enable out-of-network push messaging.

SMS messaging solutions in education help educational institutions to improve their processes and ensure a safe learning environment for students and their families.

→ Emergency Notification.
→ Exams Schedule.
→ School Timings..
→ Parents Meeting Reminder.
→ Time Table..
→ Fee Schedule.
→ Seminars.
→ Marketing Campaign.
Call Centers
SMS messaging solutions enable call center agents to push information requests, service request updates or appointment or payment reminders to customers in a cost-effective and convenient manner.

SMS messaging solutions are used in ecommerce to provide mobile alerts, connect buyers and sellers and enhance customer relationship management (CRM) programs in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.

Enterprise Solutions
SMS messaging solutions offer organizations with high volume messaging requirements, a reliable, highly customizable and scalable messaging platform, supported by dedicated technical account managers. This makes the assured delivery of mission-critical messages painless.

Event Promoters
We offer promoters powerful, yet easy to use, SMS marketing services for event and party promotions. We also offer SMS marketing solutions for trade show and exhibition producers, as well as festivals.

Extend your relationship with your readers beyond the page with our SMS marketing programs for magazines and publishing.

Social Political & non profit Groups
Use the power of SMS marketing to rally supporters, organize meetups, political organization and increase the bonds of community.

Concerts Promotes
Whether you need to quickly alert loyal customers about last-minute tickets, or you want to build buzz for recently announced shows, Club texting offers affordable, effective messaging solutions for concert promoters..

Real Estates
→ New Customer Line (Buyer & Seller).
→ Introduce New Packages/ Offers.
→ New Properties Offering To Mobile Users.
→ Request for Properties on Sale at Specific Location.
→ Marketing Campaign.
Hotel Restaurant / Marriage Hall
→ Introduce New Offers / Rates & Packages.
→ Send Reminders For Seminars, Exhibitions.
→ Marketing Campaign & Many More.

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