Who is the father of the mobile phone? History and benefits of mobile phones.

If you are a mobile user and want to know what the mobile phone is, who the mobile phone’s father is, and the benefits, then today’s article is just for you. There are very few people today who have not heard the name of mobile. Because in the present age, mobile is our closest friend and life partner. Wherever we go; No matter what we do, mobile stays with us most of the time.

If you have any questions about mobile phones, I am sure you will answer all your questions after reading this article. So let’s get to know the detailed information about mobile without delay.

What is a mobile phone?
Mobile is a wireless device through which a user can call another mobile user and receive his call. Earlier only calls could be made on mobile phones. But nowadays, with the help of smartphones, various things can be done, from making calls, text messaging, internet browsing, video and audio playing, and location tracking.

Mobile is also called Handset Cellular phone, Cell phone, wireless phone. A wireless phone is the most used mobile today.

Dial a 10 digit number to make a call from one mobile to another and get ready to make and receive two mobile calls. And if you receive a call on the other phone, it is possible to talk to each other. And the call connection between the two phones is in less than a second.

What is the full form of mobile?
M – Modified
O – Operation
B – Byte
I – Integration
L – Limited
E – Energy

Who is the father of the mobile phone?
Martin Kupar, an American engineer, made the first mobile phone on April 3, 1983. And the name of the company that had that mobile was Motorway.

The total weight of the first mobile was two kg. And with the help of this mobile, you had to charge for 10 hours to talk for 30 minutes. And in 1983, 10 years after the invention of this mobile, the motorized mobile company started making mobiles for the common person.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X This model was first marketed to the public. And at that time, a mobile phone was priced at Rs 2,95,69. Once the mobile was charged, it could talk for 30 minutes, and there was room to store the contact numbers of 30 people.

Who is the inventor of the touch screen mobile phone?
IBM and Bolself mobile companies in the United States jointly invented the first touch screen mobile phone. Although you may not hear the name of this company today, if these companies had not invented touchscreen mobiles in those days, then you can understand how far behind we would be today.

The first touchscreen mobile phone to be merged by these two companies was named IBM Simon. And in 1992, the first touch skin mobile was made. And in 1992, two years after the mobile phone was made (in 1994), the mobile phone came on the market.

The reason for naming the mobile Simon is that it was a ubiquitous touch screen mobile. Simon means common. Writing, drawing, faxing, looking at calendars could be done through this mobile.

Who is the first to have a phone conversation?
Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, had a conversation with Joel Engel, an engineer friend, on April 3, 1983.

When to use a mobile phone:

* To open a new Gmail account.
* Adds an address to Google Maps to reach the destination.
* For making video calls.
* To start or join a meeting with the help of a video call.
* To inform the world about new information through video.
* To create a logo on your own site.
* To listen to songs or videos.
* To play games.
* For reading e-books and audiobooks.
* To find out the vehicle number.
* To see the weather.
* Time to see.
* To watch live TV, serials, news.
* To shop online.
* Etc.

Mobile phone history:
The first mobile phone was made in 1983 by a motor company. And the model of this mobile phone was Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. And in 1989, Motorists released their second model, the MicroTAC 9800X.

Then, in 1991, mobiles were marketed with Europe’s first GSM SIM card. And then only mobile phone dealers were allowed to use mobile phones. Then gradually, mobile phones were marketed for the common person.

Gradually, when the market for motorized companies started to get better, Nokia took advantage of this opportunity and surprised everyone by launching Nokia 1011, where Nokia started selling mobile phones to customers for very little money.

Then gradually, siemens company S10 mobile model, and Nokia started releasing its 5100 series one after another. Where the user is provided with a colour screen mobile instead of a black and white screen. Shortly afterwards, Nokia introduced the first WAP feature, which allows users to access information.

A few years later, the Sharp Company won the people’s hearts by making camera phones for the first time. The name of this model was J-SH04. At first, this company only brought their phones to market in Japan. Then the user’s mind came to photography, and this mobile became famous all over the world. Then in 2002, Sony released the Sony Ericsson T68i model. Wap, video calling, navigation, GPS, camera, mp3 player, Bluetooth, MMS are added.

Then in 2003, the Blackberry company introduced 3G service and font cameras. With the help of this user gets benefits like wi-fi, web browsing, waterproof dusplay.

Then in 2008, LG launched touchscreen mobiles instead of swiping and scrolling. With which the user gets features like wireless charging, downloading mobile apps, NFC.

Then in 2012, the 4G service was launched for the first time in America. Through which speed of up to 12MB is available while downloading any file from the internet. In addition, Apple and iPhone companies add voice control, dual-lens camera, fingerprint scanning, face lock, full HD screen to their mobiles.

From 2015 to 2016, various well-known companies brought Notch screens, fingerprint scanners in display to the market.

5G has been introduced in some places today. In addition, the future is determined by ultra-high-resolution video streaming, popup selfie camera, speed, better gaming performance.

Advantages of using mobile phone and importance of mobile phone:
Mobile phones have become a companion in our lives today. However, there are many benefits of mobile phones.

Such as:
* With the help of a mobile phone, it is possible to talk to someone by phone at any time
* You don’t need a camera to take pictures of any place. You can take any picture with the help of a mobile camera.
* You can download the ebook on your mobile without reading it.
* Different types of documents can be stored on the mobile.
* You can find any information in seconds through the internet on the mobile.
* Can watch movies.
* You can easily find and listen to any song and video.
* You can reach the news in a short time in case of an accident.
* If you want to reach a new destination, you can take the help of Google Map.
* If you do not have time, you can spend time using games or applications.

How mobile phones work:
Mobile is a 2-way radio with a transmitter on one side and a receiver radio on the other. Suppose you call someone, first your voice changes to an electrical signal. The signal is then sent to a nearby cell tower. This signal is also called a radio wave.

Then the cell tower transfers the radio waves to the cell tower near your friend’s mobile. That is, a network of two cell towers transmits radio waves. Then the message you have in the radio waves is converted into an electric signal and takes sound. And those words (your voice or words) are heard by your friend.

If we take a look, the steps will be like this-

* What did you say first?
* Your speech or voice changes to an electric signal
* Then, this electric signal (radio waves) is sent to the cell phone tower with the transmitter’s help.
* Cell tower finds the Cell tower near your friend.
* Then communication takes place from one cell tower to another, and radio waves are sent.
* Radio waves are converted into electric signals, and your words are expressed in words on your friend’s mobile.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have understood the answers to the questions like what is mobile, who is the father of the mobile, the history of mobile, the benefits of mobile and how mobile works. If you want to get such information, you can read other articles on our blog. Thank you.

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