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What is WiFi, how does WiFi work, and the benefits of using it?

Everyone has heard about WiFi, and we all use WiFi more or less. But what exactly is WiFi, what is WiFi, how does WiFi work, and what are the benefits of using WiFi? Many will have questions.

So in today’s article, we will learn more about ‘what is WiFi.’ Through which you will get detailed information about the meaning. So let’s find out the answers to all these questions about WiFi without delay.

What is WiFi?
WiFi is the name of network technology. The full form of which is Wireless Fidelity. WiFi uses a type of radio wave to operate high-speed internet and network.

WiFi allows you to use the Internet without it between mobiles, laptops, and various network devices. And WiFi, belonging to the local area network topology. So it is possible to use a WiFi connection, in a house or across a few places.

So WiFi is a technology through which we can use the network on different devices without it.

Discover WiFi:
In 1991, John O’Sullivan and John Deane invented WiFi together.

The full version of WiFi:
The full name of WiFi is Wireless Fidelity. WiFi is called a wireless network in Bengali. The use of this type of wireless network has resulted in the word wireless being associated with it.

What is WiFi?
The network that is used wirelessly from a specific device is called WiFi. Where radio waves originate from one device and the Internet can be run by connecting to that wave on another device.

Examples of Wi-Fi networks:
After entering the Internet through the board on the same router, the wave that emanates from that router, the network that we can use to connect different devices with the help of that wave, is the WiFi network.

When we connect from a router to a mobile or laptop and use the Internet, the network we can use the Internet is an example of a WiFi network.

How does WiFi work?
WiFi uses a type of radio wave to communicate over the network. The first thing we need to use WiFi is a WiFi device. These are called transmitters, routers, and hubs.

WiFi devices are sent to the Internet with a broadband connection. Through which WiFi devices can receive information.

The device then converts information into radio waves through some instruments. And then, he created a WiFi Zone to spread the radio waves.

It then receives the signal through a built-in wireless adapter in various devices in the area such as smartphones, computers, laptops, etc., and makes a connection with that signal.

This is how WiFi works and connects different devices to run a network between them.

Advantages of using WiFi:
* As WiFi is user-friendly, any device can be easily connected by placing it in a specific WiFi zone.
* This type of network is available for very little money compared to other networks.
* Many devices in a WiFi device can be used by making a connection together.
* Internet can be accessed very easily.

Where to use WiFi:
* Nowadays, many students use WiFi in one place to study online.
* In addition, WiFi is used in these institutions to entertain people and give them access to the internet.
* WiFi is used on major train platforms and airports.
* Here, WiFi is used to do different things in small and big organizations.

Hopefully, from all the information, what is WiFi, what is WiFi, how does WiFi work, and the benefits of using WiFi, the inventor of WiFi has got the answer to all these questions. If you still have any questions about WiFi, you can let us know in the comments. We will try to help you through the comments. Thank you.

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