What is antivirus? Advantages and functions of using antivirus.

Many times using pen drives, CD cassettes, and the internet, viruses enter our computer. This causes the computer to hang and causes various problems. And the only way to get rid of this problem is with antivirus, which works against viruses and keeps the computer virus-free.

Today’s article will learn more about what antivirus is, what antivirus is, the benefits of using antivirus, and the name of popular antivirus software. If you also want to answer all these questions, you can read today’s article.

What is antivirus?
Antivirus is a program that helps to destroy all viruses on the computer. Antivirus is another name for anti-malware, which finds the malware, spyware, and files and deletes them from the computer.

Nowadays, due to the variety of work being done on the Internet, antivirus software is needed to enhance social security and make online banking transactions, making the computer virus-free, helping us perform various kinds of secure activities.

When a specific antivirus software is installed on a computer, when a new file is opened in the computer’s store, the antivirus scans that file, giving us a warning message about the virus. And removes any virus from the computer if found.

What is an antivirus?
Antivirus is the software or program that is used to remove the virus from the computer.

This is application software. The computer can be kept virus-free by scanning all the computer files, checking whether the virus has entered the computer, and removing the files containing the virus.

Advantages of using antivirus:

* Protects all computer data
* No one can steal data from your computer while using the internet
* All your online transactions will be secure
* Who can download any software inadvertently
* Computer processor speed will increase
* Computer will be slow and will not be hung
* Any software on the computer will run very smooth

Features of Antivirus:
When the antivirus is installed on the computer, it always scans all the computer files, applications, and online activities. Due to which your computer, any malware national file and many times are protected from being hacked.

When the antivirus is installed on the computer, the computer’s songs, documents, pictures, videos, and applications are always scanned. Due to this, after entering any new file in the computer, if there is any virus in that file; Then the antivirus software finds the virus and removes it. Due to which the computer is always virus-free.

Names of popular antivirus software:
Here is a list of antivirus software that is a very reliable and popular software company made antivirus software. These you can use for free for 30 days. And if you want to buy the premium version, you can buy the premium version of anyone. These can be found on any e-commerce website.

List of antivirus software:
* Avira
* Bitdefender
* Avast
* Kaspersky
* 360 Total Security
* Panda Free
* Comodo
* Microsoft Windows Defender

What does antivirus do?
The job of an antivirus is to scan all the viruses on the computer, remove them from the device and prevent the computer from the virus.

In addition to all the activities online and when downloading a file online, it permits downloading after checking whether there is a virus.

How to use antivirus on computer:
To use antivirus on a computer, you must first purchase anti-virus software. After purchasing the antivirus software, it needs to be installed on the computer with the help of a pen drive or CD cassette.

Once the installation is complete, open the application and scan the entire computer with the scan option. And then, if any virus is found, it should be removed with the help of the remove or delete button. This way, you can use antivirus on the computer.

Why is it necessary to update the antivirus?
As the days go by, new viruses are being created and trying to harm the computer system. Therefore, to protect the computer from those modern viruses, it is necessary to update the antivirus software.

Updating antivirus software adds new definitions. And with the new definition, the antivirus can easily identify modern viruses. And once identified, those viruses can be removed from the computer very quickly.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have learned what antivirus is, what antivirus is, the benefits of using antivirus, and the name of the popular antivirus software.

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