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What is an update, and how to give a software update on mobile?

Sometimes software needs to be updated due to slow mobile. When the system is updated, the mobile becomes faster, and some new features are added. If you are thinking of updating the Android version of your mobile but do not know “how to update software”, there is no need to worry. Because today, through this article, you will get the answers to all the questions like what is a software update, what happens if you give a mobile update, how to change the version of an Android phone.

What is a software update or a system update?
Sometimes when developing software, that software is tested many times. But even after testing whether the software is comfortable for mobile, there are many types of errors or bugs in the software. Due to these errors, if a user runs the mobile with the help of the software, many kinds of problems can be seen on his mobile.

This is why Software Developers fix the bugs or errors one by one and upload the new software to their server. And after uploading to the server, every user gets a notification to update the new software. Then if the user updates the software, the problem of his mobile will be reduced a lot.

In this way, every time the developers fix the errors of the software; Then the user has to update his mobile.

What to do before updating any mobile?

Check the internet:
Internet is required to update any mobile. And 1 to 2 GB of files is downloaded to delete the old version and add a new version. For this, connect the mobile with any WiFi with a High-Speed network.

See if there is a charge:
It takes at least one to two hours to update. Problems can occur if your mobile is out of charge and switched off after the update. Therefore, before giving the update, put it in the update with a 100% charge.

Back up all data:
Back up all the contact lists, audio, video, pictures, documents in your mobile so that the data is not deleted due to software updates. You can create a Gmail account and use Google Drive to back it up.

Phone update rules:
How to update the software on your iPhone mobile?
To update the software of iPhone mobile, go to the setting option of iPhone. After opening the Settings, go to the General option, the Software Update option will come to mind.

Then click on the Software Update option to see if your iPhone mobile is available for software updates. If there is any mention of a new software update, download the updated version through the download and install options. After downloading, the iPhone will be automatically switched off. And after a while, the mobile will be opened with the help of the new version with automatic restart.

How to update the software on Android mobile?
To update the software on Android mobile, after selecting the setting option of the mobile, click on the About Phone option. Then the Software Update option will come to your notice. Click on the Software Update option to find out if the mobile currently wants to update by clicking on the Check for Update option.

If your phone currently has software updates available, it will show up here. Then you can download the software from here by clicking on the Download and Install option.

After the software download is complete, you will see an option called Restart Now. Once you touch this option, your phone will be automatically switched off and restarted with the new version. As soon as you open the mobile, you will enjoy the mobile interface with the new version.

How to know if the software has been updated?
For this, go to the software update option of the mobile for the second time and click on the Check for Update option.

If the software is updated, you will see a page like this. Version up to date means that the mobile operating system is currently updated.

What are the benefits of giving mobile updates:
So you know how to update Android mobile and iPhone mobile. But do you know what happens when you update the phone? If you do not know the benefits of mobile updates, then find out.

Application Error is fixed:
Most of the time, applications do not support the mobile version as it gets older. This requires mobile updates to fix application bugs.

New Feature Added:
If the mobile operating system company adds some new things to their software, then after giving the software update, those features are added to the mobile, making it easier to use mobile.

Applications become User friendly:
Most of the mobile applications run very well when the software is updated. For this, any user can use the applications without any error. And at the same time, the user interface of the application and the user is beautiful.

Speed of application increases:
If many older applications do not work well, software updates can speed up the process. This greatly reduces the chances of mobile hanging.

Security of software is doubled:
With the update to the new version, the security of the software increases many times. At the same time, it is possible to protect the mobile many times from viruses, malicious hacking.

I hope you know how to do a mobile update are the benefits of updating very well. If you also want to update your mobile, you can update now by following the above steps. And if you still have any questions about the update, you can let us know in the comments.

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