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What is an IP address? Types and versions of IP addresses!

For a product to reach a particular place, it is necessary to know the address of that particular place. Where the name of the person is not important, but his address is important. Similarly, to create a network from one device to another and access data from the Internet, you don’t just have to know the name of the mobile. Each device needs its IP address to be identified separately.

Today’s article will discuss what an IP address is, what an IP address is, the types of IP address, and the IP address version. If you also want to get the answers to all these questions about IP addresses, then keep reading today’s article.

What is an IP address?
IP addresses are used to identify each device. When a device is connected to the Internet or a network with another device, the IP address is used to locate and identify the specific device.

The IP address of each device is different. IP addresses are made up of different numbers, like math numbers.

It is not possible to connect to the network from one device to another without an IP address. When using WiFi on mobile, after entering the internet by searching something in a specific browser, the server tries to see where the specific IP address is. The router determines where the specific device is, sending a request to the server.

When we use the internet with the help of a mobile SIM card without a router, the internet service provider does the router’s work.

So it is imperative to create communication between the server and IP address to create a network.

The IP address looks something like this –

What is an IP address?
The IP address is used to identify a device when two devices are connected or when a device is connected to the Internet.

When sending data from one device to another or receiving data from a server, it is necessary to locate the specific address of the device. The particular device is used to find the IP address.

Types of IP addresses:
There are two types of IP addresses. 1. private IP address, and the other 2. public IP address.

Private IP Address:
Private IP addresses are when devices like mobile computers are connected to routers, either cable or wirelessly.

Since these IP addresses are privately connected to any modem and device, such IP addresses are private.

Public IP Address:
What is a public IP – There are two types of public IP addresses. 1. Static IP address and 2. Dynamic IP address.

1. Static IP Address:
When the Internet service provider ISP uses the device’s IP address to access a server, it is called a static IP address. All these IP addresses cannot be changed. The IP address of a website or DNS server is an example of a static IP address.

2. Dynamic IP Address:
When a computer’s IP address changes automatically when connected to the Internet, it is called a dynamic IP address.

In many cases, when two devices are connected, the IP addresses are connected, and when connected to the Internet, that IP address changes. Such IP addresses fall within the category of dynamic IP addresses.

Different classes of IP addresses
It is divided into different parts based on the function and structure of the specific IP address. Therefore, they are divided into different classes.

Class A:
Such IP addresses range from 1.0.0 1 to

Class B:
Is from to

Class C:
From to

Class D: to

Class E:
Is from to

The version of IP address:
There are two versions of IP addresses, one old and one new. The two versions are named IPV4 and IPV6.

This type of IP address is 32 bit. And to see how much it looks like is Here each cell ranges from 0 to 255. And each part is 8 bit.

Currently, the IP address version has been changed due to a large number of Internet users. And older versions are upgraded to IPv6.

An IPv6 IP address is 128 bit. The number of such IP addresses is higher than that of IPv4. And this type of IP address can change the network of any router. This type of IP address is used on modern desktops and servers.

How to view your mobile IP address:
To view the IP address of a particular mobile, open a web browser on the Internet and type in what is my IP, then.

And if you want to see the IP address of any other mobile, you have to follow the same step by turning on the internet on that mobile too.

You can also see the IP address of your mobile by going to the About Phone option, IP address section from the mobile setting option.

How many bits is the IP address (ipv4)?
ANS – 32 bit

How many bits is the IP address (ipv6)?
ANS – 128 bits

Hopefully, from the above information, you have a better understanding of an IP address, what is an IP address, the types of IP addresses, and the version of the IP address. If you still have questions about the IP address, please let us know in the comments.

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