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What is a modem? Discovered the modem and the work of the modem.

Most Internet users use modems, which is an important network device. However, many people do not know much information about the modem. That’s why in today’s article, we will learn more about what a modem is, what a modem is, and what a modem does. If you also want to answer all these questions about the modem, you can read today’s article.

What is a modem?
A modem is a device that is connected between a PC and a telephone line. Computer data is in digital form, and telephone line data is in analog form.

The modem converts the computer’s digital signal into an analog signal, allowing it to flow through the telephone line.

This means that the modem converts the computer’s digital signal into an analog signal transmitted through the telephone line.

Modem Full Version:
The full form of modem is Modulation-Demodulation. This device is called a Modem because it can perform both Modulation and Demodulation of Data. It is named by combining the words Mo of Modulation and dem of Demodulation.

What is meant by modem:
Cable cables are used to send networks from routers to computers. Only it can carry only analog signals. But computers work with digital signals.

To solve this problem, a modem is inserted between the wire and the computer. Which converts the computer’s digital signal to an analog signal, can transmit the signal through the cable and converts the analog signal and digital signal to the computer.

Who invented the modem?
In 1962, a modem made by Bell 103 was made by AT&T Corporation. Then in 1996, Dr. Brent Townshend invented the 56K Modem, which has been able to give 56Kbit speed every second.

How many types of modems?
There are three types of modems:

* External Modem
* Internal Modem and
* Fax Modem

External Modem:
This type of modem is hung or kept somewhere outside the computer. And the modem is connected to the computer with the help of a USB cable. This type of modem looks a bit like a box. It is bought separately from the shop and kept in one corner of the house. This is why this type of modem is named external modem.

Internal Modem:
Such models fit into computers. This type of modem comes in handy when taking a net connection from computer to mobile. It is installed in the Expansion Slot of the computer. This type of modem is called an internal modem because it is located inside the computer.

Fax Modem:
This modem is used as a computer fax machine. This type of modem is useful for fax exchange.

What does the modem do?
Modem’s job is to convert the computer’s digital signal to an analog signal, transmit the signal through cable, and convert the analog signal to a digital signal to enter the computer.

What are modulation and demodulation?
Modulation is the process of converting one signal to another. And when the converted signal changes again, it is called demodulation when it is converted to the original signal.

In the case of computers, modulation and demodulation are done with the help of a modem.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have understood what a modem is, who discovered the modem, and the function. If you still have questions about the modem, please let us know in the comments.

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