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What is a laptop? Who invented the laptop!

There are very few people who have not heard of laptops. Because nowadays most of the students are using laptops. But if you have any questions about laptops, then in today’s article, you will find the answers to all these questions, what is a laptop, what is a laptop, what is the price of a laptop, what should you look for before buying a laptop.

If you want to get answers to all your questions about laptops, keep reading today’s article.

What is a laptop?
A laptop is a small computer. Suppose the desktop computer is converted. Because it is battery operated, it can be easily moved from one place to another after being charged. It is also called a notebook because the size of the laptop is similar to that of a notebook.

Desktop computers are equipped with different components, such as keyboard mice and more, while laptops have all the components paired together.

What does the word laptop mean?
Lap means Cole’s Top means above. Running this thing on your lap is called a laptop.

Full form of the laptop:
L – Lightweight
A – Analytical
P – Platform with
T – Total
O – Optimized
P – Power

Who invented the laptop?
In 1960, a man named Alan Key conceived the first laptop. And then, based on that idea, in 1985, the first portable computer called the IBM 5100 was created.

From then on, one by one company started making their own products. And they are marketed and delivered to the people.

What to do on a laptop:
If you don’t know what to do with a laptop, let me tell you, a laptop is a kind of computer. And you can do the same things that are done on a computer on a laptop.

* Can be written
* Songs and videos can be seen
* Anything can be entered
* Animations can be created
* App development can be done
* Games can be played
* Photos and videos can be edited
* Website development can be done
* Various activities of the hospital can be done
* Accounts of various things can be kept
* Difficult accounts can be settled

What are the parts of a laptop?
A laptop is made up of several small parts. But the most important parts of a laptop are:

* Display
* Memory
* Internal Storage
* Removable Media Drive
* Input / Output Ports
* Expansions Cards
* Battery and Power Supply
* Cooling Fan
* Accessories

How many types of laptops are there?
Laptops are divided into 6 parts according to the structure and type of work of Plato. These are:

1. Traditional Laptop
2. Notebook
3. Convertible or Hybrid
4. Desktop Replacement
5. Rugged Laptop
6. Business Laptop

Advantages of using a laptop:

* Because the laptop is tiny, it can be done easily by putting it on your lap.
* You can work on the laptop when the current is off.
* Because the laptop has a switch on and off, it can be turned on and off very easily.
* It is straightforward to put any component in all the ports of the laptop.
* You do not have to put the keyboard and mouse separately.

Laptop Price:
Laptops start from 15,000. If you want to buy one, you will get a good laptop in twenty thousand. But if you want to buy a better one, you can buy any laptop worth up to Rs 150,000.

The price of a laptop depends on the quality and performance of the laptop. The more expensive laptops you buy, the higher the quality of your laptop will be.

What to look for before buying a laptop?
Here are some things to look for when selecting a laptop. These are:

* Select the purpose for which you are buying the laptop first. And buy a laptop based on that.
* The laptop you are buying, let alone the City’s minimum Ram, must have 4GB.
* The higher the performance, the higher the processor.
* Check the capacity of the hard disk according to your type of work. * And you must have a laptop with a minimum of 500 GB hard disk.
* Check if the laptop you are buying has an operating system update.
* Must see the warranty and guarantee of the laptop.

Hopefully, from the above information, you know the details of what a laptop is, how much a laptop costs, who invented the laptop, and what to look for before buying a laptop. If you haven’t bought a laptop yet, you can buy one for your job. It would certainly be a better diagnosis than a desktop computer.

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