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What is a blog, what is a blogger, and how to create a blog?

Nowadays, the word blog is seen in many places on the internet. You may have noticed the word blog or blogger somewhere and became interested in blogs.

I let you know that with the help of the blog, a person can share his own experience, information, knowledge with others. So, if you also want to share your knowledge and experience with others, you can also create a blog.

Hopefully, from this article, you will get a complete idea about what a blog is, what a blogger is, and how to create a blog. And you can create your own blog if you want. So let’s get to know the details about the blog.

What is a blog?
We see many types of websites on the Internet, which any company or organization makes. Where regular articles are not published, the user is given an idea about his company or organization.

But, blogs are completely different from websites. There is no company or organization here; A person himself helps others with various information through his own website on the Internet.

This is why old articles need to be updated over time as they are published.

Millions of problems are searched on the internet every day. The answers to these questions are written by the owner of a blog site in their blog, answering all those questions. For this, the blog owner first indexes his blog in various search engines like Google, and Google publishes its user in front of them with the correct blog article.

As a result, the user gets the answer to his question. And the owner of the blog can earn money through many visitors or customers on his website.

What is a blog? To put it simply, let me give you an example.

We use such diaries. And in it, we store our thoughts, daily work, information, just like a blog is a diary created through the internet.

Diaries as we secretly use and carry those diaries to help others; Just like that, we can create a blog for personal use or help others.

In addition to providing information through blogs; Growing a business, or building a community on the Internet, these things are done.

What is Blog Full Form?
The whole point of the blog is Web Log. Creating new web pages through blogs, posting new information, presenting or publishing in front of other people. There are many types of tools in a blog. These tools are needed to make an article stand out in front of the viewers.

What is the Bengali synonym of blog?
The Bengali synonym of the blog is Online Diary. That diary is written to solve a user’s problem.

What is a blogger?
A person who blogs or writes a blog is called a blogger. Since I am the author of this blog, I am a blogger.

You can become a blogger just by writing a blog, but not so much. The blog author is often hired, in which case he is only a blog writer or author.

Then who is the real blogger!

A blogger is a person who creates his own blog to help others, writing articles, customizing them, publishing them on Google, designing, selecting topics.

What is blogging?
The work that a blogger does on his own blog is called blogging. Blogging is the process of writing a post, designing a blog beautifully, adding links to other posts, and so on.

Since I am a blogger. So what do you do if someone asks me?

What are the types of blogging?
There are two types of blogs. 1) personal blogging and 2) professional blogging.

Personal Blogging:
This type of blog is created to fulfill your hobby where a person writes his own opinion, his own routine, his own choice, all these things in his blog.

Personal or personal blogging is created without any goal. Any blogger only uses this to spend their time. I mean, he doesn’t have to worry about how big his blog should be, what stage it should take, what kind of user it should be.

Professional Blogging:
This type of blog is made with the future in mind. A blog owner can run his family and fulfill all his hobbies with the help of blogs.

Professional blogging feels like a blogger, a business. It is identified as his daily work; this blog is designed to serve a specific purpose.

What you need to create a blog:
Creating a blog requires a computer or laptop first. Through this, you can manage your site better. However, many people are blogging through mobile. The advantage of blogging on a laptop is that you can easily design anything but mobile, which is inconvenient.

Second is the need for a domain and hosting. The domain is the address or URL of your blog. All blogs or sites have a separate domain. Through which a specific blog or site can be found on the internet.

You can buy domains from the website, which is a very trusted domain company.

And hosting is where you set up your blog. Hosting is where all the data of the blog is stored. You can use to buy hosting.

Suppose you have a shop. And to run that store, you need a name and a place. Anyone can easily reach your store with the specific name of the store. And in the space that is in your store, you can store all the products and things in your store.

Here the name of your store is Domain Name, and the name of the place is Hosting.

So you need these two things to create a store or blog online.

What to blog about:
Now you may be thinking of creating your own blog. So what should you blog about?

I would advise you to create your blog on topics that you have good knowledge and experience about. Some of these blogs you may like very much. But don’t go to copy all these blogs; never blog about someone like him.

You ask yourself, which subject are you most proficient at? Create your own blog about your own experience and knowledge. Only then can you go far. Because if you blog about something that you are interested in and have experience with, you will never feel annoyed.

But whenever you create a blog on a new topic; Learning about things that don’t match your experience and things that are completely new to you can be frustrating. To create a blog based on your experience.

How to create a blog:
You can take the help of two platforms to create a blog. 1) and 2)
If you are new, you can set up your blog on Google’s product Here you can create blogs without any domain or hosting.

There is no need to buy the domain and hosting to create a blog on You can add your own domain name for this blog later if you want but never buy hosting. Since it is a product of Google, Google allows its customers to use this platform for free.

People who create personal blogs usually use this platform for free.
If you have your own domain and hosting, you can use this platform. However, most people choose the platform for professional blogging.

Here you can easily manage any blog with a variety of tools and plugins. You don’t have to pay for the platform, but you must buy a domain and host. Only then will you be allowed to use this platform.

What to do to create a professional blog
If you want to get your blog up and run, you need to follow a few things. However, you will be recognized as a successful person in your blog career. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to create a professional blog.

Enter Unique Content:
Thousands of blogs have been created on the same subject.
The only answer is Unique Content. If you write content that is different from everyone else’s on your blog, you will create your own identity based on that content. Users will have their own preferences. They will also know that this blog publishes different content than everyone else.

If you continue to publish unique content on your blog, you will get a lot more customers. If they have any problems, they will read the contents of your blog. For this, always try to write content that is different from everyone else’s. Where a particular topic is can be highlighted separately in front of the audience.

Stay away from copying.
If you start a blog and think that I will copy the content of all other bloggers and publish it on my own blog; Then it is a fatal mistake.

Because you need Google to get your blog in front of the audience, but Google never ranks copied content. For this reason, copied content is far removed from the original content. They will not catch the eye of the viewers as they are far away. And traffic will not come to your blog in the eyes of the audience.

So always write content as much as you can. For this, you can read the blogs of all other bloggers and write that content in your own language and serve it in front of the audience.

Keep patient
Patient means patience. And success in any endeavor requires patience. You won’t get thousands of traffic by creating a blog today.

That is why you have to be patient. Try to give new information to the audience every day without losing patience. Even if your blog doesn’t have traffic, think about it, your blog has traffic, and you’re writing content for them. You will see how happy you will be the day your blog gets traffic.

Read others’ blogs
Read others’ blogs to learn new things from where you will get ideas about new topics. And you will also understand how to write a blog.

Keep in mind that you are the teacher and your blog’s audience is the student. So the student will learn as much as the teacher will learn.

Hold a Niche
Niche means specific subject. You choose a specific topic and create a blog. Then visitors will also understand what kind of content you publish on your blog.

If you don’t do this, one-day Beauty information, one-day Biography, one-day Tech information, visitors will not be attracted to your blog. They also can’t decide what kind of content you want to publish on your blog. As a result, you will be deprived of getting a targeted audience.

Be Consistent
If you want to be successful in blogging, you have to give some information every day. Traffic may not come early in your blog. However, to attract the attention of Google, new articles have to be published every day.

As a result, Google will know that you give new information to your blog every day, and you are Consistent. Because of this, Google will start to rank your blog slowly.

Increase Income Source
If you want to blog professionally, then you must generate income from your blog. However, it is important for professional blogging to have many income sources present in your blog.

If one source of income shuts down for some reason, you can easily earn income from others.

Professional blogging costs some money. If you want to earn money from your blog, you have to choose a way to earn more than one.

Since you are informing people professionally, the old content of your blog needs to be updated daily. The more accurate and up-to-date content you serve to users, the more they will be attracted to your blog.

For example, suppose you have written an article about a mobile version. But now, some updates are not in your old content. So you have to open that content, write new things and update it.

To do professional blogging, you need to keep in touch with other professional bloggers. Professional blogging is many things to know and learn. If you interact with others, you can learn a lot from them and teach them.

You can also discuss with them some of the things you don’t know yet.

Increase Followers
A professional blogger always supports his visitors and teaches them new things. For this, sometimes bloggers need to increase their followers through social media. This allows a visitor to discuss privately with a blogger.

And with the increase in followers in this way, you will see that they will become daily customers of your blog one day. There will be no shortage of traffic to your blog that day.

What are blogs, bloggers, and blogging?
You must have understood the blog well. Here I am once again clearing these three issues of blog, blogger, and blogging.

An online diary or website, where every day a person publishes various information to help others.


A person who spells a blog and writes and manages the blog’s content and all the work is called a blogger.

Example: I myself (Sanju Rauth)

All the work done on the blog is called blogging together.

Such as: Set up, Article writing, Customize, Rank, etc. All work.

The benefits of creating a blog:
If you create a blog, you can share your knowledge and experiences with the whole world. The information that a person can use to solve his problem.

You can make money from blogs. Through which you will be able to run your family and fulfill every hobby of your life.

If you have a business or organization, you can provide useful information on your blog, about that organization, or about that organization’s products or services. As a result, the business in your organization will grow very easily.

Since blogs are done through the internet, it makes you happy from any part of the world. There is no need to create a specific office for this.

You can build friendships with different people. And you can get ideas about all kinds of things.

When writing an article to help others, you can learn new information yourself, increasing your knowledge and experience.

How much capital does it take to create a blog?
If you are thinking of creating a blog, you also need to know how much it costs to create a blog.

Domain and Hosting are required to open a professional blog.

You have to pay 200-300 rupees to buy a domain for 1 year. And from the next year, he has to renew with 400-600 rupees.

There are different types of hosting plans. If you are thinking of creating a blog first, then you can take the cheapest plan. For this, you have to pay 40-50 rupees per month to a hosting company.

And once the traffic to your blog comes, you can change the Basic Plan and take a better quality plan.

And you need a theme to design the blog beautifully. You must purchase this theme once. For which you have to spend 1500-2000 rupees. But if you want to use free days, then you can use free themes of WordPress.

However, if you use Google’s product, you do not have to spend any money on Domain, Hosting and Theme. You can create a free blog here.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have a complete idea of what a blog is, blogger, and how to create a blog. If you are interested in creating your own blog, you can start your blogging life today. Thanks, stay well.

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