Are people safe at all in the world of metaverse?

In the world of the metaverse, the competition is fierce. Several companies have already gone into business. But skepticism about this extreme use of technology has not gone away. And those suspicions are being aroused by a number of recent events.
The marking news agency Wallstreet Journal has brought that information to the fore. It has been seen that crime has already started in the world of Metaverse. And more accidents are happening than that. Incidents like breaking limbs are happening. Many are rushing to the hospital, even in critical condition.

Recently, a 31-year-old man from Germany was rushed to the hospital almost dead. The bone near the neck was severely broken, the airways in the throat were ruptured, then he regained consciousness. Until then one was immersed in a virtual reality-based game. This is not an isolated incident.

The Wall Street Journal reports 20 fatal accidents in the United States and Europe. Apart from this, there are also minor accidents.

According to many, the current underdeveloped technology is responsible for all these accidents. Still, to enter the world of virtual reality or fictional reality, one has to wear heavy blindfolds. The weight and volume of this device are reduced over time. But many do not agree with this explanation. Because virtual reality means that once you get there, all the feelings of the real world will be lost. If technology continues to improve, this separation will happen more and more. This separation is actually responsible for the accident.

The members of this world continue to walk, run or do other things according to what they think is an imaginary world. But his body remains in the real world. There is a push to eat. In this way, Rose is breaking someone’s limbs every day. It is not impossible to have a bigger accident.

Added to that is another problem. In the meantime, many female members of Virtual Reality have complained that she has been sexually harassed by various male members. But in this world, there is no law, no police. The question of how secure people will be in the world of metaverse has already begun to arise.

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