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Want to earn by making Instagram reels, learn 5 tips!

The demand for Facebook among the younger generation has decreased, but the demand for Instagram is increasing. Their addiction to creating Instagram Reels has also increased, and many are making money from it.

In a media feature, it is said that sometimes on the roof of the house or in a restaurant, sometimes by the sea, and sometimes in the bedroom, the young people are making reels. Someone is making it a hobby. Someone is making regular reels and posting in the hope of gaining recognition. But some people are disappointed even after making multiple reels. The reel never reaches more than 100 people.

Many may think that Instagram only boosts the reels of big creators. But that is not the case at all. Whether you have 50 followers or 5 million – Instagram’s algorithm is the same for everyone. So what can you do to make your reel reach more people? Here are his tips.

Using Trending Songs: Create Instagram Reels not just on your favorite songs, but on songs that are trending at the moment. But if you can come up with any other idea in that song, only then will the views of your post increase.

Warning in language: Only making a reel on Bengali songs will not increase the reach of your reel! If you make a reel in Hindi or English song, your reel will reach more people. As a result, your number of followers will also increase. You can make a reel on those tunes that are very trending. The reel can be informative or entertaining.

Use of Captions in Videos: When you shoot an informational video, use captions in the video. If the video is captioned with points, the audience likes it more.

Use of all features: Instagram boosts more videos that use all the features on Instagram. As a result, use more polls, SFX, filters, songs, captions, and stickers in the video. Your relay will also get more views. Share the reels not only on Instagram but also on Facebook.

Increasing the number of reels: Many people think that the better the quality of the video, the more views it will get. And that video will be more viral. But if you spend a little intelligence, you will understand that if you focus on giving more videos than good videos, your views will increase. One reel should be given daily. The more videos you post, the more reach your Instagram profile will get.

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