The internet speed of the phone can be known from Facebook.

Many times, while doing some urgent work on the phone, suddenly you have to face the problem of low internet speed. This can spoil the mood. But if you want, you can see exactly how much internet speed you are getting on your phone. That too through Facebook.

Unknown to many, the phone’s internet speed can be checked through Facebook. Its role in keeping the smartphone intact is undeniable. But many times the network goes down. The phone internet started to fluctuate. For this, some take the help of Google. But you can know the internet speed of the phone in a moment from the Facebook tab running on the screen.

Now the question – is how to see the Internet speed from Facebook?

For this, first of all, you have to make sure that the Facebook app is installed in the latest version. If not, do it. Also, you must have a Facebook account. One more important thing, this feature can be used only on the Android version of Facebook.

After logging in to Facebook, click on the three line dots on the top right. Here you will see multiple features in the menu options that you can use.

– Meanwhile scroll down and click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.

– Now click on the ‘WiFi and Cellular Performance’ option.

– Click on the ‘Your Speed’ option on this page. Then an option called ‘Run a Speed Test’ will appear.

Below that option clicks on the ‘Continue’ option. Facebook will take 30 seconds to verify your phone’s internet speed.

– A new tab will open as soon as you click on that option. Where the download speed and upload speed of your cellular network will be informed.

– Facebook will show on the screen whether the download and upload speed of your cellular network is good or bad.

– What tasks can be done better at this internet speed – such as watching videos, video chat, etc – will also be written on the screen.

You can know detailed information about the smartphone’s internet speed by quickly opening Facebook in this way at a time of need.

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