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How to turn on hotspot – How to connect to the hotspot?

Nowadays, the net is taken from one mobile to another. Due to this, if a mobile phone does not have internet, he can use it with a net connection through another mobile hotspot without any worries.

The advantage of Hotspot is that you can use the internet on your mobile through other mobiles without recharging the mobile or without hitting any internet pack on the mobile.

If you want to know more about Hotspot and how to launch Hotspot, how to take the net from one mobile to another mobile, and how to connect to Hotspot – then in today’s article, you will find the answers to all these questions.

So let’s find out the answers to all the questions without delay.

How to turn on hotspot:
If you want to turn on the hotspot on your mobile, when the notification bar on the mobile is lowered from top to bottom, an option called Hotspot will appear in front of you. As soon as you click on that button, the hotspot will be launched on your mobile.

And if you want to turn on the hotspot from the mobile setting option, then after going to the Other Wireless connection option, go to the Personal Hotspot / Hotspot option. And turn on the hotspot from there.

Ways to turn on hotspot on mobile
Hopefully, from above, you have figured out how to turn on Hotspot. Here I repeat these steps once more.

* First go to mobile setting option
* From there, click on the Other Wireless connection option
* Then press the Personal Hotspot button
* Turn on the hotspot.

How to connect hotspot?
To launch a hotspot from one mobile to another, turn on the hotspot on the mobile you want to take the internet. And turn on WiFi connection on other mobiles.

After that, by looking at the hotspot password on the mobile that you have launched the hotspot, connect the WiFi with the password on the other mobile.

Then the net will be transferred from the first mobile to the second mobile. And you can access the internet from a WiFi-connected mobile.

This way, after launching a hotspot on a mobile, you can turn on the internet with the hotspot connection by turning on WiFi on as many devices as you want.

How to take the net from one mobile to another mobile?
Follow these steps to take the net from one mobile to another.

* Turn on the mobile hotspot first
* Turn on WiFi on the second mobile
* After seeing what the hotspot password of the first mobile is, give that password in place of the WiFi password in the second mobile.

Then a hotspot connection will be made between the two mobiles. Then the net will continue to run from one mobile to another.

How to know the password of Hotspot – How to know?
To find out Hotspot’s password, go to the Settings option and then the Personal Hotspot setting option. There you will see the hotspot name and the hotspot password.

It would be best if you said this hotspot password to make a WiFi connection on another mobile. Otherwise, the second mobile will not be able to make a WiFi connection with your mobile.

Hopefully, from the above information, you have understood how to turn on Hotspot and connect to Hotspot. If you still have any questions about Hotspot, you can let us know in the comments. We will definitely try to help you through the comments. Thank you.

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