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Google’s list of 14 popular applications!

The largest search engine in the world we all know that Google. And Google is the biggest company in the world. Most people use the Android operating system made by Google. And for this, Google creates many applications for Android users, allowing users to use them.

In today’s article, we will learn about some of the applications that Google makes. And all of these applications we use the most.

Let’s find out without delay what the popular applications of Google are and the function of any application.

1. YouTube:
YouTube is used by almost everyone, which is the largest video platform. With this application, you will be able to watch YouTube videos created by different users.

And it doesn’t cost any money to watch the video here. Any user can use the YouTube application for free.

You can watch any video in any category on YouTube. It is the largest video search engine to get information through video.

And now, the big production companies and music companies are promoting and uploading their videos on YouTube.

2. Google Meet:
You can use this application if you want to have a meeting sitting at home. With this application, you can talk to different people for free through video calls.

This is a prevalent application for video meetings. If you want to download this application, you can download the application directly from the Play Store.

3. Gmail:
A Gmail account is required to create an account online today. And you can use the Gmail application to create a Gmail account.

From here, along with creating a Gmail account, you can communicate with other people via Gmail. You can also check if there is any new Gmail in your Gmail.

4. Google Chrome:
You must browse to access the Internet. And to run the Internet, you can use the most popular browser made by Google. This is called Google Chrome. You can download any song or video, or file, starting from accessing any website with this website.

Here you can search for anything from the internet through voice. There are also many facilities in this application.

5. Google Play Music:
This application is required to play any song directly online without downloading any song on the device. With this application, you can listen to any song of any language and any artist.

If you open this application and search with the name of any song through the search box, that song will come in front of you. And you can listen to the whole song by clicking on that song.

This application allows you to listen to different types of podcasts in addition to music. It has been uploaded to different countries and different languages.

6. Google Play Books:
If you want to download and read ebooks, you can use the Google Play Books application. You can download many e-books through the Play Store. And the application is essential for reading all those kabuki.

There are also many types of e-books in the application that you can download and read directly. The credibility of this application is much higher because Google created this application.

7. Google Map:
If you want to use any mobile to get from one place to another, it is essential to have the Google Maps application on your mobile.

In this application, you can easily reach where you want to go and where you want to go, depending on the location.

You will also be able to see directly all the important information about where your restaurant is, where the petrol pump is, where the bookstore is.

8. Google Pay:
You can use this application to send money to someone online and take money from someone.

Also, you can easily know how much is your bank balance through this application.

Also, if you want to recharge your mobile, pay a gas bill, pay the electricity bill, all these things are included in this application. You can do all these things with one click, effortlessly.

9. Google Drive:
We have different types of pictures, videos, and songs on our mobiles. But sometimes, all these things are likely to be deleted from the mobile.

For this, you can use Google Drive, which is cloud storage. Once you have uploaded your personal files, you can download and reuse them at any time.

You can also use your Google Drive account on those devices by logging in to your Gmail account on any mobile other than your mobile.

10. Google Lens:
Nowadays, if you don’t know the name of a thing, it isn’t easy to find it on the internet. That’s why you can use it.

By taking pictures of anything, you can search directly on the internet. And as soon as the search is done, the information related to that product will appear in front of you.

11. Google Duo:
This is a video calling application. However, in the case of personal people, this application is used for making video calls.

If you want to talk to your personal friends and relatives, you can use the Google Duo app.

Because this application’s user interface is straightforward, many users are currently using this application.

12. Google Translate:
This application is required if you want to translate from one language to another.

Here you can translate to any language in your own language. And understand what the specific sentence means.

13. Google News:
You can use this application to view any news. As a result of using this application, you will get the news of all the big news channels on your mobile.

And after using this application, you will no longer need to buy newspapers at home.

14. YouTube Music:
This app is needed to listen to any song on YouTube without video, only through music.

You will get innumerable songs in this application. The song will continue even if you turn it off and turn off the skin light of the mobile. This allows you to do anything else while listening to music.

From the above information, you can understand what the popular and necessary applications of Google are. If you haven’t used all of these apps, install them on your mobile now. And make the work of your daily life easier with every application.

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