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Facebook banned the use of that word

Facebook has banned the use of a word for its employees. Using the term abortion in the workplace means ‘increasing the amount of risk’. The term, which is banned under Facebook’s new policy, cannot be used.
Basically, Facebook has a platform called Workplace for internal communication of employees. Facebook has banned the use of the word abortion on this platform. The tech giant thinks that using the term “abortion” in the workplace can double the risk on a platform.

Meta told workers that the term abortion could not be used in the workplace, The Verge reported. Even Facebook employees will not be able to make any comments or debates in the workplace.

Meanwhile, Janelle Gayle, vice president of the Meter Human Resource Department, told staff that this is the most divisive topic. No one will discuss this word.

“Abortion is one of our most basic rights,” said Meter COO Sheryl Sandberg. As Sheryl recently wrote on her Facebook page, the issue of when to be a mother and when not to be should be left to women. There are some things that are very important for women’s health and equality.

However, the staff did not take such a decision on Facebook well. Meter workers are divided over the word abortion.

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