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9 things to do if there is no mobile network at home!

Most people today use mobile phones. But sometimes, after reaching home, we face various problems due to the lack of network in our mobile. If the same problem is seen in your home, you will find the solution to the mobile network problem in today’s article. And if you don’t have a mobile network at home, you can know the details about what to do.

So let’s take a look at the solutions to mobile network problems without delay:

What to do if there is no mobile network at home
If you do not have a network on your mobile, you should follow each of the tips below. I hope the following information will solve your mobile network problem.

Turn on airplane mode:
If there is no mobile network, you first have to turn on the Airplane Mode once, then turn it off again after a while.

As a result, the whole network will fly on your mobile, and the network will be restarted. And because of this, sometimes the network capacity of the mobile is increased.

If you do not have a mobile network, you can turn off the Airplane Mode option from the notification bar.

Mobile switches off and on:
To restart the network, including the whole mobile, switch off the mobile and turn it on again.

As a result, the entire software, including all the mobile settings, will be restarted. And if there is a problem with the network settings, it is more likely to be fixed.

After switching the mobile to bring the network to the mobile, turn on the mobile again after 2-3 minutes.

Reset network settings:
If for some reason, the network settings are changed, then the network goes to mobile.

Basic setting of mobile network, effective for having network on mobile. If you change any mobile network setting, go to the network settings option and reset the whole setting.

Insert SIM card properly:
Sometimes it is wrong to insert a SIM card in mobile. If you do not insert the SIM card of the mobile properly, then your mobile will never have a network.

Therefore, open the mobile phone and check if the SIM card is inserted properly.

View SIM card settings:
Sometimes if you change the SIM card settings, the network goes from mobile. For this, go to the mobile settings and see if the SIM card setting of the mobile is correct. And also, check if any SIM card option is turned off.

Insert another SIM:
Try inserting another SIM card; what network signal is given to your mobile by a network provider’s SIM.

This is why you need a SIM card from another company. And if you see that other SIM card companies are giving you better service and the network on your mobile is fine; Then buy that SIM card and put it on your mobile.

Call customer office:
Call the customer’s office and tell them why there is a network problem on your mobile because they know some settings that ordinary people don’t know.

Maybe they will ask you to do some settings, and they will tell you some code; if you use it, the network will be restored to your mobile.

Use WiFi:
If following the above information does not solve the network problem on your mobile, then the only way you can is to use WiFi.

If you can’t use mobile internet because of the network, then install WiFi at home.

By which you can use the internet as well as WiFi calling. And your mobile will never have network problems.

Change network:
If you have a 4G network on your mobile, change it to 3G or 2G. And if it’s in 2G, move on to other shots.

You can get this setting by going to Network Settings from Network Setting.

Mobile network problem solutions at a glance:

* Turn off airplane mode
* Restart the mobile
* Turn on and off the mobile
* Reset network settings
* Use WiFi
* Contact customer office
* Check SIM card settings
* Check if the SIM card is fitted properly.

Why is there no mobile network at home?
Sometimes because there is no network tower or mobile tower near the house, the network cannot reach the mobile in the house.

And sometimes, when it rains, when rainwater falls on the mobile tower, the signal in the tower weakens. This is why mobile network problems are seen during rains.

Hopefully, from the above information, if you know what to do if there is no mobile network at home, you can solve your mobile network problem. If your friends have the same problem on their mobile, you can share this article with them. Thank you.

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